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Saturday, October 31, 2015

GK Questions Asked in IBPS PO Mains Exam on 31 Oct. 2015 ( Morning Shift )

1) Name of SushmaSwaraj Constituency - Vidisha,Madhya Pradesh
2) Who is new  CMD of PNB - UshaSubramanium
3)  Where is capital of Syria  - Damascus
4) lock in period for KisanVikasPatra?- 30 Months
5) Name of portal launched for Education Loan -
6) Physics Noble Prize Winners 2015 - Arthur B. McDonald &TakaakiKajita
7) What is the time limit given to Small Banks to be in Operation - 18 Months
8) Housing for all till which year - 2022
9) Banking ombudsmen is appointed by- RBI
10) Where is Buxa national park- West Bengal
11) Literacy rate according to 2011 census-74.04%
12) Who is Bank Bureau Board head authority- RBI governor
13) Who regulate National Housing Bank- RBI
14) Cricketer Frank Tyson belong to which country- England
15) Indian Bank Association headquarters - Mumbai
16) Where is UUIN university - Tokyo
17) Name the banks declared DSIB by RBI - SBI& ICICI
18) What is currency of Egypt - Pound
19) Rajiv Gandhi KhelRatna award 2015 given to - SaniaMirza
20) Basel Committee is related with- Banking
21) DRDO opened its Highest ReseachCentre in -Leh, Ladakh, J&K
22) First Micro Finance Company that changed into a Bank - Bandhan Bank
23) When is Good Governance Day – 25 December
24) How much FDI is allowed in White label ATM- 100%
25) Export risk is Insured by which financial institution- ECGC
26) Who was recipient of 1st Bharat Ratna- C. Rajagopalachari
27)  Where is Head-quarter of IBRD - Washington
28) Where is the Head-quarter of Indian Bank - Chennai
29)  Shishu Kishoris a scheme by - MUDRA BANK

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