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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Free GK Quiz 2 Based on IBPS Clerk Mains Booster


Free GK Quiz 2 Based on IBPS Clerk Mains Booster

1. Special status to J & K is granted under which article:
a. Art. 350                                           
b. Art. 370
c.   Art. 270                                         
d. Art. 306

2. Supreme Court has imposed Environment Compensation Charge (ECC) on commercial vehicles entering in which state:
New Delhi                          
b. Haryana
c.   Punjab                                          
d. Mumbai

3. ‘Bill Banvao, Inaam Pao’ Scheme is launched by which state:
a. Haryana                          
b. Punjab
c.    Bihar                                             
d. New Delhi

4. How many villages are declared drought –hit by Maharashtra Government:
a. 13507                                               
b. 13407
c.    14708                                            
d. 14500

5. Which city became the new capital of Andhra Pradesh:
a. Amaravati                      
b. Vijawada
c.   Palem                                            
d. Uddandayaurani

6. Which TV channel is declared as most watched Hindi Channel:
a. Star                                  
b. Sony
c.    Doordarshan                             
d. Zee

7. ‘Vigithon: A Marathon’ organised to sensitise people for a fight against corruption in Mumbai was organised by which Bank:
a. SBI                                    
b. UBI
c.   SBOP                                              
d. PNB
8. Which state government has declared 33% Quota for Women in Government Jobs:
a. M.P                                  
b. H.P
c.    Haryana                       
d. Punjab

9. India-Africa forum Summit (IAFS) 2015 was held at:
a. Mumbai                                         
b. New Delhi
c.   Patna                                             
d. Jaipur

10. Who is the head of the committee constituted to draft New Education Policy:
a. T K Viswanathan         
b. M. B Shah
c.    K.C. Shah                     
d. T R S Subramanian

11. First International Film Festival for the persons with disabilities was held in:
a. Goa                                  
b. Kochi
c.   New Delhi                    
d. Patna

12. Scheme launched by Indian Railways to provide confirmed accommodation to waitlisted passengers in alternate trains is:
a. Vikalp                                              
b. Sahaj
c.    Help                                              
d. My Seat

13. Which Railway station become the first visually challenged friendly railway station in India:
a. Kalapam                         
b. Vilasara
c.   Golkuda                                        
d. Mysuru

14. Who head the  Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted on Black Money:
a. M.B. Shah                      
b. T K Viswanathan
c.   K.L. Gogia                     
d. H.L. Sharma

15. The 21st International Conference on Frontiers in yoga research was held at :
a. Chennai                          
b. Bengaluru
c.   Mumbai                                        
d. New Delhi

16. Who is the head of the committee constituted to suggest reforms to the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE):
a. Ashok Mishra                               
b. Vijay Kumar
c.   Lalit Kumar                  
d. Harinder Singh

17. Name of the Web portal which hosts educational resources for Students, Teachers, Parents, researchers and educators is:
a. E- School                        
b. E-Pathshala
c.   My-School                   
d. My-Friend

18. Name of the Portal which enables the schools to evaluate their performance in more focused and strategic manner is:
a. Shaala-Sidhi                  
b. Sikshya-Sidh
c.   Vijay-Bhao                   
d. Jite-Raho

19. How many Seats are won by Grand alliance of RJD, JD (U) and INC in Bihar Assembly Elections -2015:
a. 180                                   
b. 160
c.   155                                  
d. 178

20. First Elephant hospital of Northeast India is located at:
a. Kaziranga National Park
b. Perihar National Park
c. Ranthambore National Park
d. Gir Forest National Park

21. 7th Pay Commission is headed by:
a. M.S. Shah                      
b. K.P. Sinha
c.   A K Mathur                  
d. J.K. Singla

22. 7th Pay Commission recommended to hike the pay and allowances of government employees by :
a. 23.55 %                           
b. 20.25%
c.   18.50%                                          
d. 16.50%

23. Blue Revolution is related to which field:
a. Milk Production                          
b. Wheat Production
c.   Pulses Production    
d. Fisheries

24. 2nd World Congress on Disaster Management was held at:
a. New Delhi                     
b. Lucknow
c.   Visakhapatnam                         
d. Jaipur

25. Who will be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day Prade on January 26,2016:
a. Xi Jinping                        
b. Francois Gollande
c.   John Mackey                              
d. Mark Carney

26. By which year , India will surpass China to become the most populous nation in the world:
a. 2022                                 
b. 2025
c.   2020                                               
d. 2030

27. Who topped the list of World’s Highest paid actors released by Forbes magazine in 2015:
a. Johnny Deep                
b.Tyler Perry
c.   Tom Hanks                  
d. Robert Downey jr.

28. Name of the parent company launched by Google:
a. Letteras Inc                   
b. Alphabet Inc
c.   Akshar Inc                    
d. Defame Inc

29. Who topped the list of 100 richest people in Technology released by Forbes magazine in 2015:
a.   Johnny Deep                              
b.Tyler Perry
c.   Bill Gates                      
d. Robert Downey jr.

30. India signed an MoU with __________ for the construction of Petroleum pipeline:
a. Nepal                                              
b. China
c.   Sri Lanka                       
d. Bangladesh

31. The Volvano ‘Mount Aso’ erupted in which country:
a. China                                               
b. Japan
c.   Indonesia                     
d. Thailand

32. Which country has declared state of emergency over refugee influx:
a. Singapore                      
c.   Hungary                                        
d. Taiwan

33. Cow is declared as national animal of which country:
a. India                                
b. Nepal
c.   Indonesia                     
d. Thailand

34. ‘National Voter day’ is observed on:
a. 14 Jan                                              
b. 30 March
c.   5 May                                            
d. 25 Jan

35. ‘National Girl Child Day is observed on:
a. 24 Jan                                              
b. 30 March
c.   5 May                                            
d. 25 Dec


1. B
2. A
3. D
4. C
5. A
6. C
7. B
8. A
9. B
10. D
11. C
12. A
13. D
14. A
15. B
16. A
17. B
18. A
19. D
20. A
21. C
22. A
23. D
24. C
25. B
26. A
27. D
28. B
29. C
30. A
31. B
32. C
33. B
34. D
35. A 

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