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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reasoning Quiz-1 For LIC AAO, SBI Exam 2016

Directions : Which of the following given below conclusions are true.
1. Statements:     All halls are tyres.
Some tyres are wheels.
All wheels are cars.
            Conclusions:              I. Some cars are wheels.
                                    II. Some cars are tyres.
                                    III. Some wheels are halls.
                                    IV. All wheels are halls is a possibility.

a. None follows
b. I,II, IV follows
c. Only II and III follow
d. Only I and II follow

2. Statements:     Some blades are hammers.
Some Hammers are knives.
Some knives are axes.
               Conclusions:           I. Some Axes are hammers
                                    II. Some Knives are blades
                                    III. Some axes are blades
                                    IV. Some axes being hammer is a possibility

a. None follows
b. Only IV follows
c. Only III follows
d. Only II follows

3. Statements:     All dolls are windows
All bottles are windows
All cars are bottles.
              Conclusions:            I.  All windows are cars
                                    II. Some cars are not dolls is a possibility
                                    III. Some cars are dolls
                                    IV. Some windows are cars

a. Only II,III and IV follows
b. Either II or III follows
c. Only IV follows
d. None of these

4. Statements:     Some Benches are beads.
All beads are flowers
No tree is a flower
               Conclusions:           I. Some beads being tree is a possibility
                                    II. Some trees are beads
                                    III. No tree is a bead.
                                    IV. Some benches being tree is a possibility

a. III and IV follows
b. IV and either II or III follows
c. Only IV follows
d. None of these

5. Statements:     All breads are tables.
Some tables are brushes.
All brushes are paints.
               Conclusions:           I. Some paints are breads
                                    II. Some brushes are breads
                                    III. Some paints are tables
                                    IV. Some breads are not paints

a. Only I and II follows
b. Only III follows
c. Either I or IV and III follows
d. None  follows

6. Statements:     Some pictures are frames.
Some frames are idols
All idols are curtains.
               Conclusions:           I. Some curtains are frames
                                    II. Some idols are frames
                                    III. Some pictures are not idols is a possibility
                                    IV. All idols are curtains is a possibility

a. All follows
b. I, II and III follows
c. Only I and III follows
d. None of these

7. Statements:     All typhoons are cyclones.
All winds are typhoons.
All clouds are winds.
               Conclusions:           I. All typhoons are clouds
                                    II. All clouds are cyclone
                                    III. Some typhoons are not cloud.
                                    IV. Some winds are clouds is a possibility.

a. Only I follows
b. II and either I or III follows
c. II and IV and either I or III follows.
d. All follows

8. Statements:     Some floppies are keyboards.
All keyboards are speakers.
All speakers are monitors.
               Conclusions:           I.  Some monitors are floppies
                                    II.  All key boards are monitors
                                    III. Some monitors are keyboards.
                                    IV. Some monitors are not key board.

a. None follows
b. Either II or IV and I and III follows
c. I,II, III follows
d. Only I and II follows

9. Statements:     All islands are countries.
All continents are islands
All planets are countries.
               Conclusions:           I. All countries are continents.
                                    II. Some continents are not countries.
                                    III. Some countries are not continents
                                    IV. No planet is continent is a possibility.

a. I or III and IV follows
b. I or II and IV follows
c. All follows
d. None of these

10. Statements:   All buses are scooters
No scooter is a train.
Some trains are jeeps.
             Conclusions: I. No Bus is Train.
                                    II. Some Jeeps are Scooters.
                                    III. Some Jeeps are not Scooters.
                                    IV. Some Jeeps are not Bus.

a. I,III, IV follows
b. I and II or III follows
c. All follows
d. None of these

1.B, 2.B, 3.A, 4.A, 5.C, 6.B, 7.B, 8.C, 9.A, 10.A,

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