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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reasoning Quiz-2 For LIC AAO, SBI Exam 2016



1. Statement:             F < N ;  R > N ; H > R
Conclusions:            I. R > F           II. R > F         III. H . F         IV. R>H
a. None follows                                
b.  only II follow
c.   either I or II follows                              
d. only III and either I and II follows

2. Statement:             M < T ; K _< T ;   N < K
Conclusions:      I. M>N                 II.M_<N                    III. T>N              IV.M>_K
a. Either I or II and III follows                   
b. None follows
c.    Only III follows                                      
d. only II follows

3. Statement:    T>H ; W > H ; M_<W
 Conclusions:   I.  T>W                 II. H>_M          III. H<M                IV. H>W
a. Only I follows                                        
 b. only II and III follows
c.    only I and IV follows                            
d. either II or III follows

4. Statement:             R _< S  = T _< E ;  L = J > E
Conclusions:    I. T >_ R    II.  L > E      III. T >_ L          IV.  L > R
a. All follows                                     
b. I,II,IV follows
c.   only I and II follows                               
d. only I , II and IV does not follows

5. Statement:             Z  <  X  <  V  =  F  >  S  > _ K
 Conclusions:   I. V > Z                II. F>K                III. V>K                 IV. X>S
a. I and II follows                                         
 b. only I and III follows
c.    I,II and III follows                                  
d. I,II, III and IV follows

6. Statement:             B = Y > W = Z ; T >_ X > Z
Conclusions:    I. Y > _T      II. B = T    III.  B > W          IV. T > Z
a. All follows                                               
 b. only II follows
c.     III and IV follow                                   
d. only IV follows

7. Statement:             L >_ G > H ; C > Q >_ K ; L = C
Conclusions:    I. C > H      II. C _< G     III. K _< L   IV.  G > K  
a. Only I and III follows                               
b. only II and IV follows
c.    only I follows                                         
d. none follows

8. Statement:             E > X > _A > M ; E = P ; M < F
Conclusions:    I.  X < P      II. M < X       III. P >_ A          IV. A < F
a. None of these                                          
b. I,II and III follows
c.   I and II follows                                       
d. none follows

9. Statement:             D = F ; F _< H ;  I >_ H ;  I > K
Conclusions:    I. F=  I   II. F < I           III. D _< I         IV. H >_ D 
a. I and II follows                                        
b. either I or II and III follows
c.   only III follows                                       
d. None of these

10. Statement:          M < D ; K _< R ; D >K ; F < R
Conclusions:         I. F < K              II. D > F           III. M < R             IV. D > R                           
a. None is true                                            
b. only I is true
c.    only II is true                                         
d. only IV is true

1.D, 2.A, 3.D, 4.B, 5.C, 6.C, 7.C, 8.B, 9.D, 10.A 

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