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Friday, March 11, 2016


1. Two numbers are in ratio 1/2:2/2/3, when each of these are increased by 15, they become in the ratio1/2/3:2/1/2 . Find the numbers:
a. 27, 36                              
b. 36,27                              
c. 48, 27                              
d. 64,48

2. A and B have money in the ratio 2:1.If A gives Rs 2 to B, the money will be in the ratio 1:1.What was the initial amounts they had:
a. Rs 12, Rs 6                   
b. Rs 16 , Rs 8                              
c. Rs. 8 ,Rs 4                                 
d. Rs 6 and Rs 3

3. A man ordered 4 pairs of black socks and some pair of brown socks. The price of a black socks is double that of a brown pair, while preparing the bill the clerk interchanged the number of black and brown pairs by mistake which increased the bill by 50%.The ratio of the number of black and brown pairs of socks in the original order was:
a. 2:1                        
b. 4:1                                    
c. 1:2                                    
d. 1:4

4. A fruit seller sold big, medium and small sized apples for Rs 15, Rs 10 , Rs 5 respectively. The total number of apples sold were in the ratio 3:2:5.Find the average cost of an  apple :
a. 8                            
b. 10                                     

5. 4 yrs ago, the ratio of the age of A and B was 2:3 and after 4 yrs it will become 5:7.Find their present age:
a. 36,40                               
b. 32,48                              
c. 40,56                                           
d. 36, 52

6. If there is a reduction in the number of workers in a factory in the ratio 15:11 and an increment in the wage in the ratio 22 : 25 than the ratio by which the total wage of the workers should be decreased in:
a. 6:5                        
b. 5:6                                    
c. 3:7                                    
d. 3:5

7. Two equal glasses filled with alcohol and water in the proportion 2:1 and 3:2 are emptied into a 3rd glass. The proportion of alcohol and water in the 3rd glass will be:
a. 13:17                              
b. 19:17                              
c. 13:11                                           
d. 19:11

8. A policeman starts to chase a thief, when the thief goes 10 steps, the policeman moves 8 steps. 5 steps of policeman are equal to 7 steps of thief. The ratio of the speeds of policeman and thief is:
a. 25:28                              
b. 25:26                              
c. 28:25                                           
d. 56:25

9. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school was 5:3. Some new boys and girls were admitted to the school, in the ratio 5:7.At time, the total number of students in the school became 1200 and the ratio of boys to girls changed to 7:5. The number of students in the school before new admission was:
a. 700                                  
b. 720                                              
c. 900                                               
d. 960

10. In an examination, the number of those who passed and the number of those who failed were in the ratio 25:4.If 5 more had appeared and the number of failures was 2 less than earlier. The ratio of passers to failure would have been 22:3.The total number who appeared at the examination is:
a. 145                                  
b. 150                                              
c. 155                                               
d. 180
1.C, 2.C, 3.D, 4.C, 5.D, 6.A, 7.D, 8.C, 9.D, 10.B
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