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Tuesday, March 22, 2016



1. A vendor buys oranges @ Rs 2 for 3 and sells them at a rupee each. To make a profit of Rs 10 he must sell :
a. 10 oranges            
b. 20 oranges            
c. 30 oranges            
d. 40 oranges

2. A retailer buys 20 kg tea at a discount of 10%. Besides 1 kg tea was freely offered to him by the wholesaler at the purchased of 20 kg tea. Now he sell the tea at the marked price to a customer. What is profit of retailer.
a. 30%                        
b. 12%                        
c. 16.66%         
d. none of these

3. The profit percentage on the 3 articles A,B,C is 10%, 20%, 25% and the ratio of the cost price is 1:2:4. Also the ratio of numbers of articles sold of A,B,C is 2:5:2,then overall profit percentage:
a. 18.5                         
b. 21                   
c. 75                   
d. none of these

4. The cost price of an article ‘Z’ is Rs 1600 and selling price of another article ‘Y’ is 2400 .If the SP of A will be equal to CP of ‘Y’, then the profit after selling Z is 20%. What is profit of Y.
a. 16.66%                   
c. 25%                         
d. none of these

5. A shopkeeper procures 40 books for Rs 3200 and sell them at a profit equal to selling price of 8 books. What is the SP of one dozen books:
a. 720                          
b. 960                          
c. 1200                        
d. 1440

6. The profit percentage of two persons is 20% on selling the article at Rs 1800 each but first person calculate on selling price and second on cost price. What is the difference of their profit:
a. 360                          
b. 60                   
c. 540                          
d. 450

7. A trader sold an article at a loss of 5% but when he increased the selling price by 65 he gained 3.33% on the cost price. If he sells the same article at Rs 936.What is the profit percentage.
a. 15%                        
b. 16.66%                  
c. 20%                         
d. none of these

8. Munish markup the price of sweets by 30% and he sold only 20% of these at this price. He sells half of the rest at 16.66% discount and rest at 20% discount. What is the net profit of Munish:
a. 23.5%                     
b. 33.33%                  
c. 11%                         
d. 16.66%

9. Fresh fruits contain 80% water and dry fruits contains 25% of water. A person sells 20 kg dry fruits by add water to the dry fruit and rest at C.P. What is the total profit percentage increased in the proportion of water in fresh fruits:
a. 275%                      
b. 200%            
c. 80%                         
d. 125%

10. A trader marks up his good by 80% and gives discount of 25% .Besides it he weight 10% less amount while selling his goods what is net profit of trader:
a. 50%                        
b. 35%                        
c. 45%                         
d. 55%
1.C, 2.C, 3.B, 4.C, 5.C, 6.B, 7.C, 8.C, 9.A, 10.A,

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