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Friday, March 4, 2016


1. If ‘Z’ denotes ‘-‘ ; ‘N’ denotes ‘ ’; ‘J’ denotes ‘ ’ and ‘L’ denotes ‘+’ then 40 J 5 Z 8 L 6 N 4 is:
a. 24                         
b. 40                         
d. none of these

2. What should come next in the following letter series based on English alphabet: ACY      GIE    MOK
a. SQU                                  
b. SUQ                                 
c.  RTP                                 
d. none of these

3. The positions of how many digits in the number 59164823 will remain unchanged after the digits are rearranged in descending order within the number:
a. One                                  
b. Two                                 
c. three                               
d. none of these

4. In a certain code language ‘how are you doing’ written as ja da ka pa, ‘are you fine here’ written as ‘na ka sa ja’ and ‘fine doing well’ as ‘ra pa sa’.
‘how doing here’ written in that code language:
a. Ja sa pa              
b. pa sa da             
c. na pa da             
d. none of these

5. In which of the following A < E is definitely true:
a. Z_<A_<B =C_<D=E>_F>G                           
b. Z_<A>B=C<D<F>_F>G     
c. Z_<A<B=C_<E<F=G                                      
d. all of these

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully to answer these questions:

B,D,H,K,P,R and T are seven friends who studied in three Music institutes X,Y and Z. They had opted for one out of the three streams- composing, singing and lyricist with at least two of the in each specialization. No two persons have the same combination of institute and specialization.
The composer is from institute Y earns the maximum. D studied in institute Z as lyricist and earns more than only B and K. H is from institute X as composer and earns less than only P and T. R studied in institute Z for singing and earns more than D but less than H. T studied in institute X for singing. K, as lyricist , studied in institute Y and is not the least earner among them. B is the only studying singing from one of these institutes among them.

6. In which of the institutes did B study:
a. X                
b. Y                           
c. Z                            
d. Y or Z                  
e. data inadequate

7. What is P’s steam:
a. Lyricist              
b. composing                  
c. singing               
d. data inadequate       
e. none of these

8. Which of the following combinations of institute-individual- stream is not correct:
a. X-K- lyricist     
b. X-H-composing         
c. Y-B-singing                  
d. Z-R- singing                
e. none of these

9. Whose income is the second highest among them:
a. T                
b. H                           
c. P                            
d. P or T                 
e. none of these

10. How many of them earn more than D:
a. One                      
b. two                                  
c. three                               
d. five                                  
e. none of these

1.A, 2.B, 3.B, 4.C, 5.C, 6.B, 7.B, 8.A, 9.A, 10.E,
For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE



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