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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


1. In a row of boys facing north, Ganesh is 5th to the left of Ashoka. Alok is 3rd to the right of Ganesh. Vilas is 3rd to the left of Ashoka. Which of the following describes the position of Vilas.
a. To the immediate right of Ganesh                            
b. To the immediate left of Ganesh
c.    To the immediate right of Alok                                           
d. 3rd to the right of Ganesh.

2. If Z is called 11, Y is called 12, X is called 13, W is called 14 and so on, then what will be the numerical value of 5th alphabet right of 9th alphabet from left.(alphabet are written in reverse order):
a. 23                          
b. 25                                      
c. 24                                      
d. 17

3. L M N O P have different ages. L is elder than only P. N is younger than only M. Who is in middle.
b. M                                       
c. N                                        
d. P
Directions (4 -6): which of the following condition are true:

4. Statement:
 Some locks are keys
Some keys are robots
All locks are aces
Some robots are hard
I. All locks are robots
II. Some ace are keys
III. Some keys are not locks
IV. Some robots are lock
a. Only II follows                
b. only I and III follow                  
c. only I follow                                
d. donly I and II follow

5. Statements:
Some horses are weak
All weak are goats
Some goats are leopard
All leopard are frog
I. Some frog are horses
II. Some goats are horses
III. Some horses are not leopard
IV. Some frogs are goat
a. Only I and II follow       
b. only II and IV follow                 
c. only III and IV follow                
d. d. d. none of these

6. Mani said pointing to a picture ‘That picture is of Sister of Grandson of Father of my maternal uncle’. How is the lady in the picture related to Mani.
a. Father’s sister                
b. mother’s sister               
c. cousin (Maternal sister)          
d. none of these

7. If P $ Q means P is father of Q
P # Q means P is mother of Q
P @ Q means P is sister of Q
Then how is Q related to N in N #L $P@Q:
a. Grandson             
b. Granddaughter              
c. Nephew                            
d. data inadequate
Directions (8-10): Read the following information carefully to answer these questions:
1. P Q R S T are sitting along a circle facing the centre.
2. R is neighbor of P and Q
3. T is to the immediate left of Q

8. Which is a false statement:
a. T is to the immediate right of S
b. P is between R and S
c. S is 2nd to the right of R
d. None of the above

9. Which is a true statement
a. P is 2nd to the left of Q
b. S is between P and T
c. R is 4th to the left of T
d. None of these

10. Which is position of S
a. To the immediate right of T
b. 3rd to the right of Q
c. To the immediate left of P
d. None of these

1.B, 2.C, 3.A, 4.A, 5.B, 6.C, 7.D, 8., 9.B, 10.B,

For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE


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