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Friday, April 22, 2016


1. In a circle with centre O, AOC is a diameter of the circle, BD is a chord and OB and CD are joined. If AOB = 130o, then BDC =?
a. 25                            
b. 30                                        
c. 50                                        
d. 45

2. If in a triangle ABC, BE and CF are two medians perpendicular to each other and if AB = 19 cm and AC = 22 cm, then length of BC is:
a. 19.5 cm                               
b. 26 cm                                  
c. 20.5 cm                               
d. 13 cm

3. The ratio of interior angle to exterior angle of a regular polygon is 5:1. The number of sides of polygon is:
a. 10                            

4. A straight line parallel to BC of  intersects AB and AC at points P and Q respectively. AP = QC, PB = 4 units and AQ = 9, than the length of AP is:
a. 25 unit                                 
b. 30 unit                                 
c. 6 unit                                               
d. 6.5 unit

5. AC is the diameter of a circumcircle of  Chord ED is parallel to the diameter AC. If CBE = 50, then DEC is:
a. 50                            
b. 90                                        
d. 55

6. Two chords AB and CD of circle whose centre is O, meet at the point P and AOC = 50, BOD = 40.then the value of CPD :
a. 60                            
b. 40                                        
c. 45                                        
d. 75

7. ABC and DBC are made on same base BC on opposite sides. The line joining vertices A and D intersect BC at O. Then the ratio of  areas of  and  DBC will be:
a. OB : OC                   
b. AO : OD                               
c. AB : CD                               
d. AC : BD

8. In the Adjoining figure AD, AE and BC are tangents to the circle at D, E,F respectively, then :

a. AD = AB+BC+AC     
b. 2AD = AB+BC+AC               
c. AD = ½ (AB+ BC+AC)           
d. 3AD = AB+BC+AC

9. If O is the centre of a circle of radius r and AB is a chord of the circle at a distance r/2 from O, then BAO is:
a. 15                            
b. 30                                        
c. 45                                        
d. 60

10. The tangents are drawn at the extremities of a diameter AB of a circle with centre P. If a tangent to the circle at the point C intersects the other two tangents at Q and R, then the measure of the QPR =
a. 45                            
b. 60                                        
c. 90                                        
d. 180

1.A, 2.D, 3.C, 4.C, 5.C, 6.C, 7.B, 8.B, 9.B, 10.C,

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