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Friday, July 29, 2016

Daily Current Affair Quiz- 29th July 2016

Daily Current Affair Quiz- 29th July 2016
Q1. Which of the following civil rights activist has decided to end her 16 years long fast?
1. Irom Sharmila
2. Medha Patekar
3. Reena Dixit
4. Sonia Sharma

Q2. The supreme court of India has lifted its ban on which of the “Ancient Sport”?
1. Kalri
2. Jallikattu
4. Mal Khamb

Q3. Which of the following athlete found positive in dope test?
Irom Sharmaila
1. Vijay Kumar
3. Anuj Sharma

Q4. The Permanent court of arbitration (PCA) tribunal in The Hague ruled against which of the following commercial body of ISRO?

Q5. Where were the underwater tunnel network found in the Ancient Mayan’s site at the tomb of Pakal?
1. Peru
2. Maxico
3. Sindhu
4. Kalibangan

Q6. Which of the following committee has been set up for “Reforms in cricket” report?
1. Verma committee
2. Lodha committee
3. Ashok Negi
4. Kundu Committee

Q7. Which of the following country is going to help in the joint expedition to discover the Natural gas resources in Indian Ocean?
1. China
2. France
3. Germany
4. U.S.A

Q8. Which among the following day is observed as a “Kargil Vijay Divas”?
1. 27 July
2. 25 july
3. 28 july
4. 26 july

Q9. NITI Aayog is going to recast which of the following regulatory bodies in the field of education?

Q10. Which of the following organization seeks expenditure details from National Mission for Clean Ganga?
1. NGT

Q11. Who among the following persons have won the Raman Magsaysay award this year?
1. Rahul Sharma, M.T. Rao
2. Bezwada Wilson,T.M Krishna
3. R.K Sharma, T.C Wilson
4. Raj Sharma, W.C. Kumar

Q12. Which of the following bill Lok Sabha has approved on 27th July, 2016?
1. GST bill
2. NGT bill
3. Lokpal and Lokayukta
4. GTCL bill

Q13. Who has been appointed the new chairman of CBSE?
Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi
1. B.C. Roy
2. Bimal Rana
3. T.L. Menon

Q14. Which one of the following tennis players is not participating in RIO Olympics, 2016?
1. Roger Federos
2. C.K Sharma
3. Serena Williams
4. Noyak Jokovik

Q15. Narsingh Yadav who has been found positive in the dope test recently, belongs to which of the following sports?
1. Badminton
2. Wrestling
3. Shooting
4. Long-Jump

Q16. What amount of money QUEBEC is going to invest in TATA steel?
1. $85 Million
2. $74 Million
3. $133 Million
4. $204 Million

Q17. Which of the following country is going to host the BRICS office?
South Africa
1. Germany
2. Japan
3. Canada

Q18. How many badminton players have been qualified for RIO Olympics?
1. 13
2. 9
3. 11
4. 7

Q19. What amount of money India is going help Sri Lanka in Railway sector?
1. 1284
2. 2346
3. 1168
4. 1297

Q20. Which of the following company is going to introduce its first light commercial vehicle (LCV)?
1. Mahindra & Mahindra
2. Maruti Suzuki
3. Renault
4. TATA Motors

1.A, 2.B, 3.C, 4.C, 5.B, 6.B, 7.D, 8.B, 9.A, 10.A, 11.B, 12.C, 13.A, 14.A, 15.B, 16.C, 17.A, 18.D, 19.A, 20.B,



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