Saturday, August 20, 2016



1. In which city India’s first BIO-CNG plant was inaugurated?
a)    Hyderabad
b)    Pune
c)    Kolkata
d)    Bengaluru

2. The National Committee on Trade Facilitation related to which international organisation?
a)    World Trade Organisation
b)    International Monetary Fund
c)    World Bank
d)    World Economic Forum

3. Who won the gold medal in men’s singles tennis category in Rio 2016 Olympic Games?
a)    Noval Djokovic
b)    Rafael Nadal
c)    Andy Murray
d)    Juan Martin Del Potro

4. Who will head the National Committee on Trade Facilitation that was formed by the Union Government?
a)    Union Cabinet Secretary
b)    Union Commerce Secretary
c)    Union Finance Secretary
d)    Foreign Secretary

5. Which country launched the world's first quantum satellite named Quantum Experiments at Space Scaler (QUESS) satellite in August 2016?
a)    Japan
b)    United States
c)    China
d)    India

6. Which Bank launched the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) based *99# Mobile Application for basic banking needs?
a)    State Bank of India
b)    Oriental Bank of Commerce
c)    Bank of Baroda
d)    Union Bank of India

7. Usain Bolt won gold in men’s 100-metre final at the Rio Olympics. He belongs to which country?
a)    Anguilla
b)    Barbados
c)    Jamaica
d)    Puerto RicoANS C

8. Who was appointed as the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court in August 2016?
a)    DH Waghela
b)    Sujata Manohar
c)    Manjula Chellur
d)    Sushant Rohilla

9. Which city is hosting the SAARC Youth Parliamentarians Conference on Peace and Harmony for Development 2016?
a)    Dhaka
b)    New Delhi
c)    Colombo
d)    Islamabad

10. The only Indian cricketer who figured in the recent Top 10 Test Player Rankings of the ICC?
a)    Virat Kohli
b)    Ajinkya Rahane
c)    R Ashwin
d)    Murali Vijay

1.B, 2.A, 3.C, 4.A, 5.C, 6.D, 7.C, 8.C, 9.D, 10.B,

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