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Sunday, January 1, 2017

GK Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Mains Exam on 01st Jan. 2017

1.      Hand in Hand joint Military exercise – Between India and China ( begins in Pune )
2.      Gobind Sagar dam located in – Himachal Pradesh
3.      Balamurali krishnan who passed related to –  Indian Carnatic vocalist
4.      Which ETS having hourly time – NEFT
5.      P in EFTPOS stand for –  Electronic funds transfer at Point of Sale
6.      Kumarakom bird sanctuary in which state – Kerala
7.      Global citizen fest held in which state – Maharashtra, Mumbai
8.      Commercial Paper (Promissory note) are issued by –  Corporate companies
9.      India signs 145 M777 howitzer deal with which country – U.S.A
10.  Limit of foreign investment in Universal banks – 74%
11.  Which Microfinance is a universal bank – Bandhan Bank
12.  Theme of International Day of Persons with Disabilities – Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want
13.  Rabobank HQ – Utrecht, Netherland
14.  Full form of MMID – Mobile Money Identification Number
15.  Lending of RBI to commercial banks is called as – Repo Rate
16.  International children prize to which kid from UAE –  Kehkashan Basu
17.  Initially shares in RBI  owned by –  Private shareholders
18.  Payment bank having 100% equity participation by govt – IPPB
19.  Bollywood based theme park in – Dubai
20.  Now, One time Request for OTP not required for transaction upto  – Rs. 2000
21.  RBI working group chaired by –  Sudarshan Sen
22.  207 km bicycle highway inaugurate in which state – Uttar Pradesh
23.  Heart of Asia summit 2016 held in – Amritsar, india
24.  Immortals of Meluha authored by –  Amish Tripathi
25.  International Criminal Court HQ – Hague, Netherland
26.  BSBDA account can be extended to how many months after submitting OVD – 12 Months
27.  Best performing actor at Asia Pacific Screen Awards- Manoj Vajpayee
28.  Current and saving account that don’t operate for a period more than 2 yrs are called as – Dormant Account
29.  NBFC accept deposits for a maximum period of – 60 Months
30.  Irom sharmila belongs to which state – Manipur
31.  National Financial Switch (NFS) Developed by – IDBRT

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