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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


1.        Name the international organization, which has released the guidelines on the usage of digital health technology to boost health of the people.
A) Union of International Associations
B) United Nations
D) World Health Organization (WHO)
E) None of these

2.        Which country’s peacekeepers were honoured with UN Medal for their service in UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)?
A) South Sudan Peacekeepers
B) US Peacekeepers
C) Indian Peacekeepers
D) Bangladesh Peacekeepers
E) None of these

3.        Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga is the Prime Minister of which country, who has resigned along with his entire government after Ogossagou massacre?
A) Mali
B) Senegal
C) Nigeria
D) Ghana
E) None of these

4.        What is the name of the book containing English translation of the 100 year old classic Punjabi poem about Jallianwala Bagh massacre?
A) Drummer Hodge
B) Poets of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre
C) Poems about war
D) Khooni Vaisakhi
E) None of these

5.        World Liver Day is observed annually on ___________?
A) April 19
B) April 18
C) April 17
D) April 16
E) None of these

6.        When was Good Friday also known as Holy Friday or Black Friday observed?
A) April 18
B) April 17
C) April 16
D) April 19
E) None of these

7.        Find the Metro rail corporation which has kick started an initiative to become the world’s first 100% solar-powered metro.
A) Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
B) Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)
C) Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC)
D) Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL)
E) None of these

8.        Saudi Arabia increases Haj Quota of Indian Pilgrims to ___________ lakh ?
A) Two
B) Three
C) Four
D) Five
E) None of these

9.        Which department has proposed change in the methodology for taxing multinational companies, including digital firms?
A) Income tax department
B) Department of Information Technology
C) Department of Consumer Affairs
D) Department of Revenue
E) None of these

10.    Where was the Asian Tea Alliance, a union of five tea-growing and consuming countries(India,Indonesia,China,Japan,Sri lanka) launched?
A) Jakarta, Indonesia
B) Guizhou, China
C) New Delhi, India
D) Tokyo, Japan
E) None of these

11.    Which has became India’s first retail company to cross Rs.1 lakh crore annual revenue milestones?
A) Reliance Retail
B) Future Group
C) Aditya Birla Retail
D) Avenue Supermarts Ltd
E) None of these

12.    Name the Indigenously designed and constructed guided missile destroyer launched by Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lamba recently.
A) INS Chennai
B) INS Imphal
C) INS Kochi
D) INS Kolkata
E) None of these

13.    Which country has launched its first satellite ‘Raavana-1’ into space?
A) Maldives
B) Indonesia
C) Nepal
D) Sri Lanka
E) None of these

14.    Nepal has successfully launched its first satellite NepaliSat-1 into space under BIRDS project of which country?
A) Japan
B) India
C) China
D) United Kingdom
E) None of these

15.    Who has been named as the goodwill ambassador of the Indian team for the Street Child Cricket World Cup?
A) Virat Kohli
B) M S Dhoni
C) Harmanpreet Kaur
D) Mithali Raj
E) None of these

16.    Learning Coin, which is in news recently, is launched by which of the following international organisations?
E) None of these

17.    TESS Mission of which space agency has discovered its first Earth-size planet – HD 21749c?
A) Roscosmos
E) None of these

18.    Who has been honoured with the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in fiction category?
A) Rebecca Makkai
B) Richard Powers
C) Clare Barron
D) Tommy Orange
E) None of these

19.    Christina Koch, who will set a new record for longest spaceflight by a woman, is the astronaut of which space agency?
B) Roscosmos
E) None of these

20.    On which date, the 2019 National Civil Services Day is celebrated in India recently?
A) April 21
B) April 20
C) April 22
D) April 23
E) None of these



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