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Thursday, July 11, 2019


1.        Which city is set to host the 3rd edition of International Sunflower Seed and Oil Conference (ISSOC) 2019?
A) Bengaluru, Karnataka
B) Maharashtra, Mumbai
C) Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
D) Hyderabad, Telangana
E) None of these

2.        Where was the 43rd Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee held?
A) Baku, Azerbaijan
B) Washington D.C., United States
C) New Delhi, India
D) Moscow, Russia
E) None of these

3.        Name the Indian City, which is introduced for its iconic architectural legacy, into the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO’s) list of the World Heritage Sites.
A) Green City – Gandhinagar
B) Blue City – Jodhpur
C) Pink City – Jaipur
D) White City – Udaipur
E) None of these

4.        Who was nominated to become the first woman to lead the ECB (European Central Bank)?
A) Christine Lagarde
B) Margaret Thatcher
C) Kazimira Prunskienė
D) Mary Robinson
E) None of these

5.        Where was the World Youth Cup 2019 held?
A) Umag, Croatia
B) Tirana, Albania
C) Belgrade, Serbia
D) Prishtina, Kosovo
E) None of these

6.        MOSAiC mission, which is in news recently, is a year-long expedition into which of the following oceans?
A) Arctic ocean
B) Antarctica ocean
C) Pacific ocean
D) Indian ocean
E) None of these

7.        The Government of India (GoI) has signed pact with which tech company for pilot study on using AI in Agriculture?
A) Infosys
B) Wipro
C) Microsoft
E) None of these

8.        Ikram Ali Khil, who broke Sachin Tendulkar’s rare World Cup record, is from which country?
A) Afghanistan
B) South Africa
C) Pakistan
D) England
E) None of these

9.        Which state has topped the NITI Aayog’s 2019 AMFFR Index?
A) Gujarat
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Rajasthan
D) Maharashtra
E) None of these

10.    Arinjeeta Dey is associated with which sport?
A) Aikido
B) Kung fu
C) Karate
D) Judo
E) None of these



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