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Friday, February 12, 2021

DAILY GK QUIZ: 9, 10 FEB 2021

 DAILY GK QUIZ: 9, 10 FEB 2021

[Q] Where was India’s 1st Children’s Boat library inaugurated?

(a) Ahmedabad, Gujarat

(b) Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

(c) Kochi, Kerala

(d) Kolkata, West Bengal

(e) Nagpur, Maharashtra

[ANS] d

[Q] Which state/UT approved  a scholarship scheme to school students “Mukhyamantri Vigyan Pratibha Pariksha scheme”?

(a) Punjab

(b) Chandigarh

(c) Delhi

(d) Goa

(e) Pondicherry

[ANS] c

[Q] Who was appointed  as the acting Chief of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)?

(a) Rishi Kumar Sukla

(b) Praveen Sinha

(c) Rakesh Asthana

(d) Alok Verma

(e) Ajit Doval

[ANS] b

[Q] Who authored the book, ‘By Many a Happy Accident: Recollections of a Life’?

(a) Venkaiah Naidu

(b) Pratibha Patil

(c) Ram Nath Kovind

(d) L K Advani

(e) Hamid Ansari

[ANS] e

[Q] Which organisation is developing   a vehicle with capabilities to act as a ‘Space Taxi’ for small satellites?

(a) Skyroot Aerospace

(b) Boeing

(c) Collins Aerospace

(d) Bellatrix Aerospace

(e) General Dynamics

[ANS] d

[Q] Who among the following has been awarded Allan Border Medal for the period 2020-21?

(a) Mitchell Starc

(b) Glenn Maxwell

(c) David Warner

(d) Aaron Finch

(e) Steve Smith

[ANS] e

[Q] Who has won the inaugural ICC Player of the Month award?

(a) Pat Cummins

(b) Steve Smith

(c) Rishabh Pant

(d) Cheteshwar Pujara

(e) Virat Kohli

[ANS] c

[Q] India’s first-ever geothermal power project will be implemented by state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) at ______________.

(a) West Bengal

(b) Himachal Pradesh

(c) Uttarakhand

(d) Jammu and Kashmir

(e) Ladakh

[ANS] e

[Q] A maiden contingent of 34 ________ women personnel has been inducted into its specialized jungle warfare commando force CoBRA.

(a) ITBP

(b) BSF

(c) CRPF

(d) SSB

(e) CISF

[ANS] c

[Q] Which of the following film has won the Best International Feature Film Award at the 14th International Children’s Film Festival of Bangladesh?

(a) The Silent Forest

(b) Jackie and Oopjen

(c) I Never Cry

(d) Into the Darkness

(e) Maati

[ANS] b

[Q] Which country/countries participated with India in the 16th Edition of joint military exercise “Yudh Abhyas 20” held in Rajasthan from 8 – 21 February, 2021?

(a) Australia

(b) Japan

(c) USA

(d) Both 2 & 3

(e) All 1, 2 & 3

[ANS] c

[Q] What is the theme of National Horticulture Fair 2021?

(a) Horticulture for Start-up and Stand-up India

(b) Making Farming an Enterprise

(c) Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

(d) Horticulture for Promotion of Rural Entrepreneurship

(e) Horticulture for Rural Prosperity

[ANS] a

[Q] Which country approved  to build the world’s 1st energy island that can produce and store green energy satisfying the electricity requirement of 10 million households?

(a) Sweden

(b) Belgium

(c) France

(d) Denmark

(e) Germany

[ANS] d

[Q] The World Pulses Day is observed on which day, as designated by the United Nations?

(a) 9 February

(b) 10 February

(c) 8 February

(d) 7 February

(e) 11 February

[ANS] b

[Q] Which country has recently inked an MoU with India for the construction of Shahtoot Dam?

(a) Afghanistan

(b) Bangladesh

(c) Nepal

(d) Bhutan

(e) China

[ANS] a

[Q] What is the maximum permissible limit of industrial Trans Fatty Acid (TFA) in food products for the period beginning from January 2022, as per FSSAI?

(a) 5%

(b) 4%

(c) 3%

(d) 2%

(e) 1%

[ANS] d

[Q] The National Horticulture Fair (NHF) 2021 has been organised in which city?

(a) Mumbai

(b) Bengaluru

(c) Chennai

(d) New Delhi

(e) Kolkata

[ANS] b

[Q] What is the theme of the World Pulses Day 2021?

(a) Plant Proteins for a Sustainable Future

(b) Nitrogen-Fixing Legumes for a Sustainable Future

(c) Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future

(d) Healthy Beans for a Sustainable Future

(e) LovePulses

[ANS] c

[Q] Srivilliputhur Megamalai Tiger Reserve will be set up as the 5th Tiger reserve of Tamil Nadu. With this, how many Tiger Reserves will be there in India?

(a) 41

(b) 51

(c) 61

(d) 71

(e) 81

[ANS] b

[Q] ‘By Many a Happy Accident: Recollections of a Life’ is a book authored by _____________.

(a) K. K. Venugopal

(b) Mukul Rohatgi

(c) Milon K. Banerji

(d) M Hamid Ansari

(e) Goolam Essaji Vahanvati

[ANS] d






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