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Saturday, October 31, 2015

GK Questions Asked in IBPS Mains Exam Held on 31 Oct 2015 ( Evening Shift )

1) What is the full form of C in MICR- Character
2) Bank with head office in Kolkata Bandhan Bank
3) Constituency of Nitin Gadkari - Nagpur
4) Federal Reserve is the Central Bank of which country-USA
5) Book ‘India the future is now’ is  written by – ShashiTharoor
6)  What is the currency of Egypt - Pound
7) What is the cost for Delhi National Memorial – Rs 400 cr
8) Rupay is launched by- National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)
9) Where is BIS located- Basel, Switzerland
10) Nobel prize in literature - Svetlana Alexievich
11)  Lima is the capital of - Peru
12) Headquarter of Central bank of India is in - Mumbai
13) Betla national park is located in which state- Jharkhand
14) Ravindra Jain who passed recently was a famous- music director- singer-lyricist
15) 1st dec is celebrated as – Aids Day
16) 1st Person to be awarded Bharat Ratna posthumously – Lal Bahadurshastri
17) Who is President of Iran- Hassan Rouhani
18) Bi-Monthly Policy is Formed by –RBI
19) Chetan Anand is related to –Badminton
20) Manmoon Hussain is president of – Pakistan
21) International Devel Association is a subsidiary of –World Bank

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