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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Free GK Quiz-3 Based on IBPS Clerk Mains Booster 2015

Free GK Quiz-3 Based on IBPS Clerk Booster

1. Which of the following is not a permanent member of a. UN Security council:
a. China                                  
b. France
c.    Japan                               
d. Britain
2. Who is appointed as the 1st president of W20 (Women 20):
a. Gulden Turktan                
b. William Tronjan
c.   Kristina Goena                
d. Jastin Ford
3. Narendra Modi become the first Indian Prime minister to visit which country after 59 years:
a. Thailand                            
b. Finland
c.   Ireland                             
d. Scotland
4. Who is the  Secretary of State of US:
a. John Kerry            
b. William Shaw
c.   K. Jonathan                      
d. Ford Wilson
5. External Affairs minister of India is:
a. Sushil Kumar                    
b. Sushma Swaraj
c.    Sushil Modi                     
d. Raj Nath Singh
6. Who topped the list of India’s 100 richest people released by Forbes:
a. Anil Ambani                      
b. Ratan Tata
c.   Mukesh Ambani              
d. Pawan Jindal
7. Headquarters of United Nations is at:
a. Germany                
b. Tokyo
c.    Washington                    
d. New York
8. Who is the UN Secretary-General at present:
a. Ban-Ki-Moon                     
b. sarjan Kari
c.   John Elison                      
d. Sam Kuteja
9. Rank of India in the Global competitiveness Report 2015-16:
a. 50th                                   
b. 40th
c.   55th                                  
d. 60th
10. G 20 summit - 2018  will be held in:
a. New York              
b. Sri lanka
c.    New Delhi                       
d. Washington
11. Which country proposed 4-point peace initiative with India:
a. Nepal                                 
b. China
c.   Bangladesh                      
d. Pakistan
12. Which state in USA allowed terminally ill patients to legally end their lives under a doctor’s supervision:
a. California               
b. Florida
c.   Texas                               
d. Georgia
13. Terror outfit ISIS destroyed the 2000 year old Arch of Triumph which is located in:
a. Silmara                              
b. Jakarta
c.   Palmyra                           
d. Syriana
14. Annual meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund were held at:
a. Peru                                   
b. Jakarta
c.   Scotland                           
d. New Delhi
15. Name of the Parliament of Iran is:
a. Diet                        
b. Majlis
c.   Sejm                                 
d. Cortes
16. Which country became the first European country to sign the MoU on Establishment of Nalanda University:
a. Turkey                             
c.   Poland                              
d. Portugal
17. Prime Minister of Israel:
a. Benjamin Netanyahu       
b. L. Hashem
c.    Midan-e- Ali                    
d. Al- Qudas
18. President of Palestine:
a.   Benjamin Netanyahu           
b. L. Hashem
c. Midan-e- Ali                 
d. Mohmoud Abbas
19. In Which country a street named after Mahatma Gandhi is inaugurated:
a. Jordan                                
b. Canada
c.    Thailand                         
d. South Africa
20. Typhoon ‘Koppu’ hits which country:
a. Jordan                                
b. Thailand
c.    Philippines                      

d. scotland

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