Free GK Quiz-5 Based on IBPS Clerk Mains Booster 2015

In this Free GK Quiz Series for IBPS Clerk Mains Exam, Now on this day (26th Dec. 2015) we are going to share with you FREE GK QUIZ-5. We have already share 4 GK Quiz with you guys and in future we are going to share more study material related to the GK Stuff. So stay with us to make your GK Strong enough to crack GK section in any examination.

1). Who is awarded with 2015 Hridaynath Mangeskar Award:
a. Guljar                                 
b. Sonu Nigam
c.  A.R Rehman                      
d. Asha Bonsle

2). Who is the author of novel ‘A Brief History of Seven Killings’:
a. Marlon James                    
b. Carl Fleming
c.    John Wilson                    
d. Soul Harding

3). Who was chosen as ‘Asian Finance Minister of the year’ Award:
a. Lobsang Sangay               
b. Arun Jaitley
c.  Bikram Setha                    
d. Subash Mehta

4). Who was named as the Asian Central Bank Governor of the year 2015:
a. Lobsang Sangay               
b. Salisbury Mary
c.  L.K Bishop                        
d. Atiur Rahman

5). Who is awarded with Harvard Humanitarian of the year award:
a. Vijay Lamba                      
b. Sumit Mazumdar
c.  Kailash Satyarthi              
d. Ramesh Sharma

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