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Friday, February 26, 2016

Ancient Indian History Quiz-4 For SSC CGL Examination 2016

1. Who among the following writer wrote the famous epic ‘Manimekalai’:
a. Madhavi                           
b. Sattnar                             
c. Gautam                             
c. Jaimini

2. What was Southern king called in Vedic period:
a. Sawrat                                          
b. Samrat                              
c. Virat                                              
d. Bhoja

3. ‘Sankhya’ was written by:
a. Kapil                                             
b. Gautam                             
c. Kanada                             
d. Vyasa

4. What was the capital of Mahajanpadas ‘Gandhara’:
a. Potna                                            
b. Taxila                               
c. Vaishali                             
d. Champa

5. Where was the second Buddhist Council took place:
a. Kashmir                            
b. Pataliputra                                   
c. Vaishali                             
d. Gopa

6. Who is considered as the founder of ‘Buddhist Logic’:
a. Dinnaga                            
b. AsvaGhosha                                 
c. Kapil                                              
d. Nagarjun

7. What was the symbol of the 24th Tirthankaras ‘Mahavir’:
a. Bear                                              
b. Deer                                             
c. Fish                                               
d. Lion

8. When was Alexander came in India:
a. 322 BC                                          
b. 324 BC                             
c. 326 BC                              
d. 325 BC

9. Who was the first Gupta ruler to introduce Silver coins:
a. Kumargupta                                  
b. Chandragupta II              
c. Skandgupta                                  
d. Samudragupta

10. From which among the following place where the bronze image of Buddha was recovered:
a. Deogarh                           
b. Vaishali                            
c. Sultanganj                        
d. Bodh Gaya

1.B, 2.D, 3.A, 4.B, 5.C, 6.A, 7.D, 8.C, 9.B, 10.C,



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