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Thursday, February 18, 2016

English Quiz-3 Based on Prepositions For LIC AAO, SBI Exam 2016

1. The shopkeeper does not have the toys, I was looking _______.
a. By                          
b. About                                
c. For                         
d. To

2. Books are very often compared _______ a granary.
a. With                                  
b. To                                      
c. By                          
d. At

3. Divide twelve mangoes _______ three boys.
a. To                          
b. For                                                
c. between                
d. among

4. She sits _________ the shade of tree.
a. On                          
b. To                                      
c. Over                                   
d. in

5. Mohan will never pass his SSC exam _______ he works hard.
a. If                            
b. Unless                               
c. Since                                  
d. Because

6. You cannot easily rise _______ the prevailing corruption.
a. Upon                                 
b. Over                                              
c. Above                    
d. Beyond

7. It was the first time he had eaten a square meal _______ he had left the village.
a. Since                                  
b. For                                    
c. Before                   
d. Although

8. They are very grateful _______ your kindness.
a. For                                    
b. To                                      
c. With                                   
d. Towards

9. His mother was 45, when she _______.
a. Had died               
b. Died                                              
c. was Dying             
d. Has died

10. There was nothing he could do _______wait.
a. And                        
b. Except                               
c. Otherwise             
d. Than

1.C, 2.B, 3.D, 4.D, 5.B, 6.C, 7.A, 8.A, 9.B, 10.B,

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