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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quant Quiz-2 for LIC-AAO, SBI Clerk Examination 2016

1. Rahul bought 20 books at the rate of Rs 10 each, 45 pens at the rate of Rs 5 each and 15 pencils at the rate of Rs 3 each. Calculate the average price of all the stationary goods.
a. Rs. 5.875               
b. Rs. 5                                  
c. Rs. 6.023               
d. 7.25                                   
e. None of these

2. The average age of 25 boys in a class decreases by 6 months when a boy takes the place of a 20 year old boy. Find out the age of new boy.
a. 10.5 yr                               
b. 7.5 yr                     
c. 8.5 yr                                 
d. 6.5 yr                     
e. none of these

3. The average monthly income of 4 earning members of a family is Rs 7350. One member passes away and the average monthly income becomes Rs 6500. What was the monthly income of the person, who is no more:
a. Rs. 6928                
b. Rs. 8200                
c. 9900                                  
d. 13850                   
e. none of these

4. A cricketer has a certain average for 10 innings. In the eleventh innings, he scored 216 runs, thereby increasing his average by 12 runs. Find out his new average:
a. 96                          
b. 84                          
c. 97                           
d. 87                          
e. none of these

5. The average age of 54 girls in a class was calculated as 14 yrs. It was later realized that the actual age of one of the girls in the class was 10.5 yrs, but it was calculated as 13 yrs. What is the actual average age of the girls in the class?( find the approximate answer.)
a. 10.50 yr                
b. 12.50 yr                
c. 12 yr                                  
d. 14 yr                                 
e. none of these

6. Nine friends have a dinner in a hotel. Eight of them spent Rs 12 each on their meals and the ninth spent Rs 16 more than the average expenditure of all the nine. Find out the total money spent by them.
a. Rs. 126                              
b. Rs. 135                  
c. Rs 111                   
d. Rs 141                   
e. none of these

7. In a certain examination, the average marks of an examinee is 64 per paper. If he had obtained 18 more marks for his Mathematics paper and 4 more marks in his English paper, his average per paper would have been 66. How many papers were there in the examination:
a. 11                          
b. 13                          
c. 9                             
e. none of these

8. A person travels in his car and covers  part of his journey with 8 km/hr,  part with 6 km/hr and remaining  part with a speed of 10 km/hr. Find out his average speed during the whole journey.
a. 6.83 km/hr                       
b. 9 km/hr                
c. 4 km/hr                 
d. 8.5 km/hr             
e. none of these

9. The average of 5 consecutive odd natural numbers is k. If 2 more such numbers, just next to the previous 5 numbers are added, the new average becomes.
e. none of these

10. The average age of all the 100 employees in an office is 29 yrs, where  employees are ladies and the ratio of average age of man to women is 5:7.The average age of female employees is:
a. 18 yrs                                
b. 35 yrs                    
c. 25 yrs                    
d. 40 yrs                    
e. none of these
1.A , 2.B , 3.C , 4.A , 5.D , 6.A , 7.A , 8.A , 9.D , 10.

Quant Quiz-2 Complete EXPLANATION

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