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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quant Quiz-5 For LIC AAO And SBI Examination 2016

1. What is the cash discount that follows a 20% trade discount on the list price (a 50% mark on the C.P) .If the seller finally makes a profit of 11%:
a. 9.5%                                 
b. 12%                                                  
c. 7.5%                                 
d. 8%

2. A dealer buys a table listed at Rs 200 and gets successive discounts of 10% and 15% .He spends Rs 7 on transport and sells the table for Rs 208. What is his gain:
a. 25%                                  
b. 30%                                                  
c. 35%                                  
d. 40%

3. If a man purchases 7 oranges for Rs 8 and sells 8 oranges for Rs 7. How much profit or loss does he make:
a. 275/16% loss
b. 275/16% profit
c. 375/16% loss
d. 375/16% profit

4. A merchant professes to loss 8% on a certain tea, but he uses a weight equal to 460 g instead of 1 kg. Find his real loss or gain per cent:
a. 50% gain                         
b. 100% gain                                       
c. 200% gain                       
d. 75% gain

5. A man sells an article at a gain of 15%.If he had bought it at 10% less and sold it for Rs 4 less, he would have gained 25%. Find the cost price.
a. Rs. 160                                             
b. Rs. 260                                             
c. Rs 610                              
d. Rs 180

6. An article is sold at 25% profit. If its CP and SP are increased by Rs 16 and Rs 6 respectively, the percentage of profit decreases by 20%. Find the cost price.
a. Rs 45                                
b. Rs 58                                
c. Rs 54                 
d. data inadequate

7. A person sells his table at a profit of 40% and the chair at a loss of 20% but on the whole he gains Rs 60. On the other hand if he sells the table at a loss of 20% and the chair at a profit of 40% then he neither gains nor loses. Find the cost price of the table and the chair.
a. Rs 200, Rs 100                               
b. Rs 100, Rs 200                               
c. Rs 250, Rs 150
d. Rs 150, Rs 250

8.1/5  if a commodity is sold at 25% profit,1/10 is sold at 40% profit and the rest at 30% profit. If a total profit of Rs 150 is earned, then find the value of the commodity:
a. Rs. 550                                             
b. Rs. 450                                             
c. Rs 650                              
d. Rs 500

9. Umesh purchased 30 bananas at Rs 3 each. He sold 16 bananas at 15% profit and the remaining 30% profit. What is his profit percentage in this transaction:
a. 33%                                  
b. 22%                                                  
c. 17%                                  
d. 31%

10. A calculates his profit percentage on the selling price whereas B calculates his profit on the cost price. They find that the difference of their profits is Rs 900.If the selling price of both of them are the same, and A gets 50% profit and B gets 40% profit, then find their selling price:
a. Rs 4200                            
b. Rs 4500                                           
c. Rs 4000                            
d. Rs 4800

1.C, 2.D, 3.C, 4.B, 5.A, 6.C, 7.A, 8.D, 9.B, 10.A 

For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE


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