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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Quant Quiz-7 For LIC AAO And SBI Examination 2016

1. Gopal travelled 120 km by bus , 450 km by bike and 60 km by car, it took 13.5 hr. If the rate of bike is 3 time that of the car and 1.5 time that of bus, find the rate of bike:
a. 45 km/hr                          
b. 35 km/hr                          
c. 60 km/hr                          
d. none of these

2. 2 guns were fired from the same place at an interval of 26 minutes. A person in a train approaching the place hears the 2nd report 25 min after the 1st. Find the speed of the train . (speed of sound = 660 m/s)
a. 2379/25 km/hr
b. 1188/25km/hr
c. 2376/26 km/hr
d. 1188/26 km/hr

3. A car driving in a fog passed a man who was walking at the rate of 6 km an hour in the same direction .He could see the car for 8 minutes upto a distance of 200 m. What was the speed of the car:
a. 9km/hr
b. 7/1/2 km/ hr
c.  8/1/2 km / hr                          
d. none of these

4. A man leaves a point P and reaches the point Q in 6 hrs. Another man leaves the point Q , 4 hrs later and reaches the point P in 6 hrs. Find the time in which first man meets the second man:
a. 6 hrs                                             
b. 5 hrs                                             
c. 4 hrs                                             
d. 3 hrs

5. Without any stoppage a person travels a certain distance at an average speed of 27 km/hr, and with stoppages he covers the same distance at an average speed of 15 km/hr. How many minutes per hr does he stop:
a. 26 min 40 sec                              
b. 30 min                              
c. 26 min                              
d. 16 min 40 sec

6. When a man travels equal distance at speed V1 and V2 km/hr, his average speed is 8 km/hr. But when he travels at these speeds for equal times his average speed is 9 km/hr. Find the difference of the two speeds:
a. 6 km/hr                                        
b. 5 km/hr                           
c. 4 km/hr                            
d. 8 km/hr

7. A person travels for  2 hrs at the speed of 15 km/hr and for 3 hrs at the speed of 20 km/hr. At the end of it, he finds that he has covered  of the total distance. At what average speed should he travel to cover the remaining distance in 5 hrs:
a. 8  km/hr                           
b. 9 km/hr                           
c. 6 km/hr                            
d. none of these

8. If B is 25% faster than A, then what time will he take to travel the distance which A travels in 25 minutes:
a. 15 min                                          
b. 20 min                              
c. 25 min                              
d. none of these

9. A thief is spotted by a policeman from a distance of 400 mts. When the policeman starts the chase, the thief also starts running. Assuming the speed of the thief 8 kilometers an hr, and that of the policeman 10 kilometers an hr, how far will have the thief run before he is overtaken:
a. 2 km                                              
b. 1 km                                             
c. 1/2/3 km
d. 1/3/5 km

10. A railway passenger counts the telegraph posts on the line as he passes them. If they are 50 mts apart and the train is going at the speed of 48 km per hr, how many will he pass per minute:
a. 15                                      
d. 20

1.C, 2.A, 3.B, 4.B, 5.A, 6.A, 7.B, 8.B, 9.D, 10.C
For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE



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