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Friday, February 26, 2016

Quant Quiz-8 For LIC AAO And SBI Examination 2016


1. (10008.99)/10009.001* 3589*0.4987=?
a. 3000                                  
b. 300000                 
c. 300000                 
d. 5000                                             
e. 9000000

2. If the price is increased by 32% expenditure increase by 10% , then what is the percentage change in consumption:
a. 16   2/3                    
b. 15  2/3                 
c. 16  1/2                   
d. 15 1/3

3.A person of height 2 m wants to get a fruit which is on a pole of height 10/3 m. If he stands at a distance of 4/    3 m  from the foot of the pole, then the angle at which he should throw the stone, so that it hits the fruit is:
a.   15o                                  
b.  30 o                                  
c.  45 o         
d.  60  o

4. How many numbers between 400 and 1000 can be made with the digits 2,3,4,5,6 and 0:
a. 60                          
b. 70                         
c. 40                          
d. 120

5. A boat man can row 2 km against the stream in 20 min and return in 15 min. Find the rate of rowing in still water and the speed of current.
a. 7 km/hr, 2 km/hr                        
b. 6 km/hr, 2 km/hr              
c. km/hr, 3 km/hr   
c. 3 km/hr, 1.5 km/hr

6. Two trains 70 m and 80 m long respectively, run at the rates of 68 and 40 km an hour respectively on parallel rails in opposite directions. How long do they take to pass each other:
a. 5 sec                                  
b. 10 sec                   
c. 12 sec                    
d. 6 sec

7. Ashok invests Rs 3000 for a year and Sunil joins him with Rs 2000 after 4 months. After the year they receive a return of Rs 2600.Sunil’s share is:
a. Rs 800                               
b. Rs. 1000               
c. Rs 750                   
d. Rs 900

8. A sum of money becomes 5 times itself in 4 yrs at a simple interest. In how many years will it amount to 9 times itself:
a.  8yrs                                  
b. 10yrs                    
c. 9 rs                        
d. 8/1/2

9. The difference in simple interests earned on a certain sum of money at 6% per annum at the end of 2 yrs and at the end for 4 yrs is Rs 1200. What is the sum:
a. Rs 5000                            
b. Rs 7000                
c. Rs 10000              
d. Rs 9000

10. What should come in place of (?) in
80        85        ?          87        76        89
a. 78                          
b. 76                         
c. 75                          
d. 72

1.C, 2.A, 3.B, 4.A, 5.C, 6.A, 7.A, 8.A, 9.C, 10.A,

For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE


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