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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Reasoning Quiz-5 For LIC AAO, SBI Exam 2016

1. In a class, among the passed students, Bharati is 25th from the top and Hema is 5 ranks below Bharati, is 30th from the bottom. All the students from the class have appeared for the exam, if the ratio between pass and fail students is 4:1 in that class, how many students are fail:
a. 14                          
b. 15                          

2. In a queue of boy, Piyush is 15th from starting and shailesh is 18th from the end. There are 15 persons between them. What is the maximum number of boys in queue:
a. 44                          

3. Anil ranked 12th from the top and Rahul is ranked 15th from the bottom in a class of 35 students. How many students are there between Anil and Ravi:0
a. 8                            

4. In a row of girls, Nupur is ninth from left and Rupali is thirteenth from right. They interchanged their position and then Nupur becomes sevteenth from the left .find the new position of Rupali from the right end of the row:
a. 20                          
c. 21                          
d. none of these

5. In a queue of 20 boys, Rajesh is 7th from front and Ashish is 6th from back. How many boys are standing between Rajesh and Ashish:
a. 8                            
d. none of these

6. Laptop of Acer is kept 10th from left on the table and laptop of H.P is kept 11th from right on the same table .If the position of both laptops are being interchanged. Then find out the total number of laptops on the table:
a. 21                          
c. data inadequate   
d. none of these

7. If the bottle of cold drink has kept 13th from the front and a packet of maggi has kept 11th from the back on the same table. If they interchanged their position and packed of maggi becomes 10th from the back then find out the total number of articles on the table;
a. 23                          
c. data inadequate   
d. 22

8. A book is kept 20th from front and another book is kept 10th from back. On the same shelf .If nine books are between them. Then find out total number of books that are kept on the shelf and it should not be more than 21:
a. 39                          
b. 18                          
c. 19                          
d. 20

9. Some people are sitting in a row. Richa is sitting in the middle of the row and 7 persons are sitting ahead of Richa. 8 persons are sitting behind Rohan. And three person are sitting between Richa and Rohan. Then find out total number of persons are sitting in a row. If they are more than 15:
a. 20                          
c. data insufficient   
d. 19

10. There are many items in a drawer. One item is kept at 12th position from left and another is kept 11th position form right. There are nine items are present between them. If the number of items are not more than 15, then find out total number of items in a drawer:
a. 14                           b.10                            c. 12                           d. none of these

1.B, 2.C, 3.A, 4.C, 5.B, 6.C, 7.D, 8.D, 9.A, 10.C,

For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE


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