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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Indian History Quiz-5 For SSC CGL Examination 2016

1. What was the real name of ‘Nurjahan’:
a. Gulbadan              
b. Mehrunnisa                                 
c. Nushrat Begam                
d. Malika Rajia

2. The Italian Traveller ‘Nicolo Manucci’ visited India during which of the following ruler:
a. Shahajahan                      
b. Akbar                               
c. Balban                              
d. Jahangir

3. Who was the founder of ‘Chisti’ movement in Sufism:
a. Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti         
b. Khwaja Abdul     
c. Shaikh Abdul                                
d. Turkaram

4. Who founded the Vijaynagar Kingdom in South India:
a. Devraja-I              
b. Shivaji-I                            
c. Narsimha                          
d. Harihar And Bukka Rai

5. Who invented ‘Sitar’ in India:
a. Amir Khusro                    
b. Firoz Shah                                   
c. Ziauddin Barni                 
d. Jayadeva

6. Who wrote ‘Kathasarita Sagar’:
a. Jayadeva               
b. Somadeva                        
c. Kalhana                          
d. Jai Chand

7. Which of the following tax was taken by non-muslims during the muslim reign:
a. Zakak                                
b. Kharaj                              
c. Jaziya                                
d. Chauth

8. Which among the following was the single biggest item of import to the Vijaynagar Empire:
a. Precious stones               
b. horses                              
c. luxury goods                                
d. raw silk

9. Who was the founder leader of muslim Fakirs:
a. Dadu Mian                       
b. Majnun Shah                               
c. Tipu                                    
d. Akbar

10. The Portuguese built their first fortress in India at:
a. Cochin                              
c. Delhi                                             
d. Kolkata

1.B, 2.A, 3.B, 4.D, 5.A, 6.B, 7.C, 8.B, 9.B, 10.A,



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