Thursday, February 25, 2016

Reasoning Quiz-6 For LIC AAO, SBI Exam 2016

Directions (1- 6) Eight friends M ,N , O, P , Q , R S and T are sitting around circular table and belong to eight different states U.P, Bihar, AP, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana , Kerala and Maharashtra. They read 3 newspapers Hindi, English and Punjabi. At least two persons read one newspaper not necessarily in the same order.
Only P and Q read Hindi. P is third to right of Q. M is from Kerala reads English newspaper and is sitting immediate right of Q. R is form Chandigarh and reads Punjabi newspaper. T reads the same newspaper as S reads who is third to left of R and fourth to right of N . O is sitting exact opposite of P who belongs to U.P. Person belong to Maharashtra and AP read English newspaper. S is from Haryana while N is from AP reads English newspaper. T is from Punjab.

1. Who does not read English Newspaper:
a. O                            
b. N                                       
c. M                                       
d. T

2. From which state Q belongs:
a .U.P                        
b. Bihar                                            
c. Maharashtra                                
d. none of these

3. Which of the following is not correct combination :
a. T – Punjab- Punjabi         
b. Q- Kerala- Hindi              
c. O – Maharashtra-English
d. All are correct

4. Which two person are sitting adjacently who read Punjabi newspaper:
a. RT                         
b. RN                                     
c. TS                                      
d.  RS

5. One group does not match to group:
a. OQ                         
b. RN                                     
c. OM                                     
d. MS

6. One group does not match to group:
a. TNR                                  
b. OQM                                              
c. SPT                                    
d. MOQ

Directions (7-10): 8 friends A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting around a circular table not necessarily in the same order. Three of them are facing outwards while five are facing towards the centre. There are equal number of males and females. C is facing the centre. E is sitting third to the right of C. F is sitting third to the left of E. 3 persons are sitting between F and B. The immediate neighbours of B are females. G is sitting 3rd to the right of F, D is sitting 3rd to the right of A. A is not on immediate neighbor of E. The immediate neighbours of E are males and are facing the centre. The immediate neighbours of D are females and face outwards. The one sitting third to the left of B is female. No female is on immediate neighbor of G.

7. Who is sitting second to the right of E:
a. C                            
b. B                                       
c. G                                        
d. none of these

8. How many persons are sitting between H and C when counted from the left side of H:
a. One                                   
b. two                                               
c. three                                             
d. none of these

9. Which of the following statement is true regarding H:
a. The one who is 2nd to the right of H is a female
b. H is facing the centre
c. H is a male
d. None of these

10. What is D’s position with respect to G:
a. 3rd to the left                    
b. 3rd to the right                 
c. 2nd to the right                 
d. none of these


For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE

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