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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ancient Indian History Quiz-3 For SSC CGL Examination 2016

1.Who one of the following was the only Indus site after Lothal where rice husk was found:
a. Ramgarh                          
b. Banwali                            
c. Rangpur                           
d. Surkotada

2. Which among the following site where the five figurenes of mother Goddess discovered:
a. Kalibangan                                   
b. Lothal                               
c. Dholavira                         
d. Surkotada

3. Which among the following animal most frequently represented on the seals:
a. Horse                                            
b. elephant                           
c. unicorn                             
d. lion

4. Who among the following historian gave the idea of the original home of Aryans in ‘Central Asia’:
a. Daya Ram Sahani            
b. Hurzfeld                           
c. Max Muller                                   
d. B.G. Tilak

5. What was the Rig Vedic name of Ravi river:
a. Swat                                              
b. Parushni                          
c. Jhelam                               
d.  Askini

6. What was tribe called in Rig Vedic Period:
a. Sabha                                            
b. Samiti                               
c. Jana                                               
d. Vish

7. In Rigvedic period gold was known as:
a. Shyama                             
b. Hiranya                            
c. Ayas                                              
d. Swana

8. In ancient time who among the following was considered as the Goddess of Forest:
a. Aditi                                              
b. Aryani                              
c. Usha                                              
d. Prithvi

9. In ancient time what was the emblem of Pandayas:
a. Tiger                                             
b. Elephant                           
c. Fish                                               
d. Snake

10. What was the capital of ancient chera’s:
a. Vanjji                                            
b. Cholas                              
c. Vellar                                
d. Pennar

1.C, 2.D, 3.C, 4.C, 5.B, 6.C, 7.B, 8.B, 9.C, 10.A,

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