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Thursday, March 10, 2016


1. One diagonal of a rhombus is 60% of the other diagonal. Then, area of the rhombus is how many times the square of the length of the larger diagonal:
a. 1/5                          
b. 2/5                          
d. 3/10                       
e. none of these

2. A rectangular lawn 80m x 60 m has two roads each 10 m wide running in the middle of it, one parallel to the length and the other parallel to the breadth. Find the cost of gravelling at Rs 20 per sq.m
a. 35000                     
b. 39000           
d. 41000           
e. none of these

3. A square park has each side 50 m. At each corner of the park, there is a flower bed in the form of a quadrant of radius 7 m, as shown in the figure. Find the area of remaining part of the park.
a. 2346 sq m             
b. 2340 sq m             
c. 2250 sq m              
d. 2155 sq m             
e. none of these
4. If the height of the right circular cone is increased by 200% and the radius of the base is reduced by 50%. Then, the volume of the cone
a. Increases by 25%         
b. increases by 50%         
c. remains unchanged    
d. decreases by 25%        
e. none of these

5. In a swimming pool measuring 90 m by 40 m, 150 men take a dip. If the average displacement of water by a man is 8m3, what will be the rise in water level:
a. 30 cm                      
b. 33.33 cm                
c. 20 cm            
d. 25 cm            
e. none of these

6. A hemispherical bowl has 3.5 cm radius. It is to be painted inside as well as outside. Find the cost of painting it at the rate of Rs 5 per 10 sq cm.
a. 50                   
b. 81                   
c. 56                   
d. 77                            
e. none of these

7. A tank is 7 m long and 4 m wide. At what speed should water run through a pipe 5 cm broad and 4 cm deep so that in 6 hr and 18 min water level in the tank rises by 4.5 m:
a. 12 km/h                          
b. 10 km/h                
c. 14 km/h                 
d. 18 km/h                
e. none of these

8. A cylindrical box of radius 5 cm contains 10 solid spherical balls. Each of radius 5 cm. If the top most ball touches the upper cover of the box, then volume of the empty space in the box is:
e. none of these

9. A hemispherical basin of 150 cm diameter holds water one hundred and 20 times as much as a cylindrical tube. If the height of the tube is 15 cm, then the diameter of the tube is:
a. 27 cm                      
b. 24 cm            
c. 25 cm            
d. 26 cm            
e. none of these

10. The length , breadth and height of a room are 5 m, 4 m and 3 m , respectively. Find the cost of whitewashing the walls of the room and selling at the rate of Rs 7.50 per sq. m.
a. 250                          
b. 300                          
c. 350                          
d. 555                          
e. none of these

1.D, 2.C, 3.A, 4.D, 5.B, 6.D, 7.B, 8.A, 9.C, 10.D,

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