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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Directions (1-3): Study the following information carefully and answer the given question.
‘Only in serial order’ → ‘ Ve pu na to’
‘ order in the state’  → ‘li ve su pu’
‘ the logical idea only’  → ‘su na ri jo’
‘in idea or theory’  → ‘zt to bk pu’

1. Which of the following is the code of ‘theory’:
a. Zt               
b. bk                          
c. to                           
d. none of these

2. The code of ‘li ri to ve’ may represent :
a. State logical serial order                                 
b. serial order theory only
c.    only the idea logical                          
d. serial theory state the

3. Which of the following may represent ‘logical idea is only order’:
a. Jo na ri ge ve       
b. ve na ri jo pu                  
c. na ve su li pu                  
d. bk to pu jo ve

4. How many such pair of letter are there in the word INTERNET each of which has as many letters between them in the words as in English alphabet:
a. None                     
b. three                                
c. two                        
d. one

5. P is towards west of Q. B is towards south of P. H is north of P. Towards which direction is H from Q.
a. West                      
b. South west                      
c. north west                       
d. none

6. In a certain code ‘morning is written as SPNMFMH. How is SOULFUL written :
b. UPTKETK             
c. TPVKKTE             
d. None

Directions (7-10):
Input :   go now 52 38 17 for again 65
Step I 65  go  now 52  38  17 for again
Step II 65 again  go now  52  38   17 for
Step III  65 again 52 go now 38 17 for
Step IV  65 again  52 for for go now 38 17
Step V  65  again 52  for  38  go  now 17
Step VI 65 again  52  for  38   go  17 now
Input:  show 51 36  new far 81 46 goal

7. Which of the following steps will be the last but one:
a. VII             
b. VI                           
c. V                             
d. none

8. What would be 3rd to the left of 5th from right in step III:
a. Show                     
b. far                         
c. none                                  
d. 81

9. In how many steps the following input is complete;
a. VI               
b. V                            
c. VII                          
d. none

10. What is the 4th position in step V:
a. Goal                       
b. 46                          
c. show                                 
d. none

1.D, 2.A, 3.A, 4.B, 5.C, 6.A, 7.B, 8.D, 9.C, 10.A

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