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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Reasoning Quiz-9 Based on Coding-Decoding

1. If code of the word ‘COMFORTABLE’ is ‘XLNULIGZYOV’  then code for ‘BENGALURU’ is:
a. YMVZTOIFF                     
b. YVMZTOFIF                                 
c. YVMTZOFIF                     

2. In a certain code, word ‘BANDWITDTH’ is coded as ‘EOCCZLYIM’ then code for ‘ DIRECTING’ in that code language:
a. FKTEFSKNX                     
b. FTKEFKSNX                                 
c. TFKEFKSNX                     

3. In a certain code language ‘MEDITATION’ is written as ‘NOITATIDEM’  hen how is ‘KEYBOARD’ written in that code language:
a. DRAOBYEK                      
b. DAROBYEK                                  
c. DOARYBEK                       
d.  none of these

4. In a certain code ‘BLUE’  is coded as ‘BCCE’  .Then cod for ‘YELLOW’ is:
a. GDDEFE               
b.  GEDDFE                          
c. EEFGDD                

5. If ‘ CRICKET’ is coded as ‘DTLGPKZ’ , then how ‘COMPUTER’  is coded in that language:
a. DQPTZZLZ                       
b. DPQTZZZZ                                   
c.  PQTZLZZ             
d. none of these

Directions (6-10):  Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
In a certain code ‘all candidates must qualify’ is written as ‘na li ja pa’, ‘qualify in all subjects’ is written as ‘ta ja li ra’ and ‘candidates read all subjects’ is written as ‘sa li na ra’.
6. What does ‘li’ stand for:
a. Subject                              
b. qualify                              
c. must                                  
d. all

7. What will be the code for ‘ja na’:
a. Must qualify                     
b. candidates subjects                    
c. qualify subjects    
d. none of these

8. How will ‘all subjects’ be coded:
a. Li sa                                  
b. li ra                                               
c. raj a                                   
d. pa li

9. What will be the code for ‘must’:
a. Pa                          
b. ka                                      
c. li                            
d. na

10. How will ‘candidates should read all subjects’ be coded:
a. Ka na pa li ra                   
b. sa li ra na ja                                 
c. na ka sa li ra                     
d. can’t determine


1.C, 2.B, 3.A, 4.D, 5.A, 6.D, 7.D, 8.B, 9.A, 10.C,

For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE

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