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Saturday, August 20, 2016

REASONING QUIZ- 51 FOR IBPS PO & Clerk Exam 2016


Directions (Q.1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Parul, Sweta, Rani, Shilpa, Tweety, Usha, Vivesha and William are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. Each has different professions – MANAGER, MUSICIAN, DANCER, WRITER, PHOTOGRAPHER, PILOT, BANKER and BODYGUARD but not necessarily in the same order.
Sweta sits second to the left of ‘William’s husband, who is neither an WRITER nor a Banker. No female is an immediate neighbour of Sweta. Shilpa’s daughter sits second to the right of Usha and on the immediate left of DANCER. Usha, who is sister of Vivesha, is a Banker. Usha is not an immediate neighbour of William’s husband. Shilpa’s daughter is a MANAGER. Only one person is sitting between Parul and Usha. William’s brother Shilpa sits on the immediate left of his mother, who is an PILOT. Parul is the father of Vivesha. Only one person sits between William’s mother and Tweety. Tweety sits on the immediate right of the person who is a MUSICIAN.
Only one person sits between William and Vivesha. Vivesha sits second to the right of the person who is a bodyguard. Vivesha is mother of Rani and not an immediate neighbour of Tweety.

1. Who amongst the following is sitting 2nd to the left of Shilpa’s daughter?
1. Dancer
2. Pilot
3. Banker
4. Bodyguard

2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given information and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
1. Shilpa
2. Parul
3. Rani
4. Tweety

3. The person who is a Photographer is sitting between which of the following persons?
4. Can’t be determined

4. Who among the following is sitting opposite to Dancer?
1. Data inadequate
2. Sister of Usha
3. William’s Husband
4. Photographer

5. What is the position of Parul with respect to his grandson?
1. Immediate left
2. Third to the right
3. Immediate right
4. Second to the right

6. Pointing to a lady, Sahil said, “She is the daughter of my wife’s grandfather’s only child.” How is the woman related to Sahil?

(1) Wife  
(2) Sister – in – law
(3) Sister  
(4) Daughter

7. Piyush walks 10m towards west, then turn to his right and walks 5 meter and turns to his left and walks 2 m. and meet his friend. Then, again turns to his left and walks 5m. What is the shortest distance between his starting point and where he meets his friend?

1) 12 m.
2) 13 m.
3) 11 m.
4) 14 m.

8. Which of the following expression will be true if the expression- A ≤ G = Q < S ≤ B > C > I is definitely true?

1) Q>C
2) I > G
3) S>A
4) Q < B

9. Which of the following symbols should replace the question mark (?) in the given expression in order to make the expressions A< P as well as B > D definitely true?

P ≤ B = T ?A < D ≥ C

1) <
2) ≤
3) >
4) None of these

10. In a queue , Rahul is standing 17th from the left and Deepak is standing 25th from the right .If they interchange their position then Deepak becomes 30th from right end. Now, what is the new position of Rahul from the left and how many boys are standing in a queue?

1. 20, 45
2. 22, 46
3. 23, 47
4. Data inadequate

1.3, 2.4, 3.1, 4.2, 5.3, 6.1, 7.2, 8.3, 9.4, 10.2,



1. Credit Risk is the risk in which _______________.
(1) borrower may opt to get necessary permit/licences
(2) wrong strategy is adopted
(3) interest rate in the markets may increase
(4) loan processing may be faulty
(5) a borrower will default on any type of debt

2. Name the source of collecting money from the public for a company for the first time?
(1) Rights issue
(2) Initial public offer
(3) Follow on offering
(4) Bonus shares
(5) Secondary offering

3. A mutual fund scheme in which the investors commit their money for a particular period is known as
(1) Closed-End Scheme
(2) Long-End Scheme
(3) Long-Term Fund
(4) Open-End Scheme
(5) Back-End Scheme

4. CP is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of a promissory note. In the abbreviation CP, letter ‘P’ stands for
(1) Payment
(2) Portfolio
(3) Paper
(4) Promissory
(5) Position

5. The process that has to be undertaken by banks and other financial institutions to prevent them from being used by criminal elements for money laundering is
(1) Credit Monitoring Process
(2) Credit Rating Process
(3) Credit Appraisal Process
(4) Due diligence Process
(5) KYC Process

6. With introduction of ATMs, telebanking and internet banking, banking hours is not a constraint for transacting banking business, which is known as
(1) Universal Banking
(2) Worldwide Banking
(3) Global Banking
(4) Anywhere Banking
(5) Other than those given as option

7. Which of the following institutions is a Credit Information Company?
(4) ICRA
(5) CARE

8. When an account does not have sufficient balance to honour the cheque issued by the account holder, the cheque is returned by the bank is called as______.
(1) cheque discounting
(2) bouncing of cheque
(3) cheque kiting
(4) cheque truncation
(5) cheque validation

9. The alphabet ‘P’ in the abbreviation EFTPOS stands for
(1) Permanent
(2) Private
(3) Public
(4) Primary
(5) Point

10. Which of the following is a receipt listed in India and traded in rupees declaring ownership of shares of a foreign company?
(1) European Depository Receipt (EDR)
(2) Indian Depository Receipt (IDR)
(3) Global Depository Receipt (GDR)
(4) American Depository Receipt (ADR)
(5) Luxemburg Depository Receipt (LDR)

1.5, 2.2, 3.1, 4.3, 5.5, 6.4, 7.1, 8.2, 9.5, 10.2,


1. A Federal Supreme Court justice authorized corruption probe against Dilma Rousseff. She is the president of
a)    Argentina
b)    Brazil
c)    Chile
d)    Columbia

2. Which city hosted the 1st National Conference of Investigating Agencies?
a)    Mumbai
b)    Hyderabad
c)    Bengaluru
d)    New Delhi

3. Name the person who bagged the APJ Abdul Kalam Award for meritorious services in the Higher Education Department of Tamil Nadu?
a)    Hansraj Verma
b)    Kalpana Chawla
c)    RB Udhayakumar
d)    P Shanmugam

4. Unilever, the parent company of Hindustan Unilever (HUL), in August 2016 acquired which air purification company?
a)    Pureit
b)    AirQuick
c)    Blueair
d)    Odonil

5. Name the Indian music composer who was recently honoured with the Tamil Ratna Award.
a)    Yuvan Shankar Raja
b)    Santhosh Narayanan
c)    Anirudh Ravichander
d)    A R Rahman

6. Name the renowned Punjabi writer and Jnanpith awardee who passed away recently.
a)    Gurdial Singh
b)    Kartar Singh Duggal
c)    Komail Singh Somal
d)    None of the above

7. The book “Police and Counter Insurgency — The Untold Story of Tripura’s COIN Campaign” has been authored by whom?
(a) Lalita Babar
(b) Kuldeep Kumar
(c) Jerry Pinto
(d) V.B. Ganesan

8. Who has been posthumously honoured with the Ashok Chakra on the 2016 Independence Day?
(a) Hanamanthappa Koppad
(b) Havildar Hangpan Dada
 (c) Niranjan Ek
(d) Gursevak Singh

9. The sailing campaign “Jal Tarang” has been started from which state of India?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Himachal Pradesh
(c) Odisha
(d) West Bengal Hide

10. T A Razzaq, who passed away recently, was a script writer of which language?
(a) Tamil
(b) Malayalam
(c) Telugu
(d) Urdu

1.B, 2.D, 3.D, 4.C, 5.D, 6.A, 7.B, 8.B, 9.B, 10.B,



1. In which city India’s first BIO-CNG plant was inaugurated?
a)    Hyderabad
b)    Pune
c)    Kolkata
d)    Bengaluru

2. The National Committee on Trade Facilitation related to which international organisation?
a)    World Trade Organisation
b)    International Monetary Fund
c)    World Bank
d)    World Economic Forum

3. Who won the gold medal in men’s singles tennis category in Rio 2016 Olympic Games?
a)    Noval Djokovic
b)    Rafael Nadal
c)    Andy Murray
d)    Juan Martin Del Potro

4. Who will head the National Committee on Trade Facilitation that was formed by the Union Government?
a)    Union Cabinet Secretary
b)    Union Commerce Secretary
c)    Union Finance Secretary
d)    Foreign Secretary

5. Which country launched the world's first quantum satellite named Quantum Experiments at Space Scaler (QUESS) satellite in August 2016?
a)    Japan
b)    United States
c)    China
d)    India

6. Which Bank launched the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) based *99# Mobile Application for basic banking needs?
a)    State Bank of India
b)    Oriental Bank of Commerce
c)    Bank of Baroda
d)    Union Bank of India

7. Usain Bolt won gold in men’s 100-metre final at the Rio Olympics. He belongs to which country?
a)    Anguilla
b)    Barbados
c)    Jamaica
d)    Puerto RicoANS C

8. Who was appointed as the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court in August 2016?
a)    DH Waghela
b)    Sujata Manohar
c)    Manjula Chellur
d)    Sushant Rohilla

9. Which city is hosting the SAARC Youth Parliamentarians Conference on Peace and Harmony for Development 2016?
a)    Dhaka
b)    New Delhi
c)    Colombo
d)    Islamabad

10. The only Indian cricketer who figured in the recent Top 10 Test Player Rankings of the ICC?
a)    Virat Kohli
b)    Ajinkya Rahane
c)    R Ashwin
d)    Murali Vijay

1.B, 2.A, 3.C, 4.A, 5.C, 6.D, 7.C, 8.C, 9.D, 10.B,

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