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[Q] In which state did the Energy Efficiency Bureau (PEE) launch the ‘Go Electric’ campaign to set up 400 electric vehicle charging stations?

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Gujarat

(c) Andhra Pradesh

(d) Uttar Pradesh

(e) Pudhucherry

[ANS] c


[Q] Union Minister for Earth Science (MoES), Harsh Vardhan released the report “Estimating the Economic Benefits of Investment in National Monsoon Mission (NMM) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) Facilities”. Who prepared the Report?

(a) Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency

(b) National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)

(c) Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations

(d) Sardar Patel Institute of Economic & Social Research

(e) National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NIAP)

[ANS] b


[Q] Where did archaeologist of India and Canada found evidence of dairy production in the Indus Valley Civilization in a recent study (October 2020)?

(a) Siswal, Haryana

(b) Sothi, Uttar Pradesh

(c) Kotada Bhadli, Gujarat

(d) Kalibangan, Rajasthan

(e) Manda, Jammu & Kashmir

[ANS] c


[Q] Name the flagship campaign launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) offering its users compelling benefits and attractive discounts this festive season (November 2020).

(a) UPI Chalega

(b) Home Utsav

(c) RuPay Festive Carnival

(d) Festival Carnival

(e) Festival Dhamal

[ANS] c


[Q] India provided a cheque of what amount to Nepal for Housing Reconstruction Project?

(a) NPR (Nepalese Rupee) 1 Million

(b) NPR (Nepalese Rupee) 2 Billion

(c) NPR (Nepalese Rupee) 500 million

(d) NPR (Nepalese Rupee) 1 Billion

(e) NPR (Nepalese Rupee) 1.5 Billion

[ANS] d


[Q] Indian Railways partnered with ___________ to improve its operational efficiency using digital tools.

(a) Google

(b) Amazon

(c) Microsoft

(d) IBM

(e) Indian School of Business (ISB)

[ANS] e


[Q] Who has become 2nd Indian to be elected to the Board of International Dairy Federation (IDF)?

(a) PVG Menon

(b) Dilip Rath

(c) Rajiv Jalota

(d) Bimal Julka

(e) Rohan Jaitly

[ANS] b


[Q] Who led the Indian delegation in annual political dialogue between India and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) (November)?

(a) Narendra Modi

(b) Rajnath singh

(c) S Jaishankar

(d) Nirmala Sitharaman

(e) Dharmendra Pradhan

[ANS] c


[Q] The First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) under the chairmanship of Sacha Llorenty adopted two India-sponsored resolutions recently (November). Name the First Committee of the UNGA.

(a) Economic & Financial Committee

(b) Administrative & Budgetary

(c) Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

(d) Special Political & Decolonization

(e) Disarmament and International Security Committee

[ANS] e


[Q] Who penned the Book titled “The Age of Pandemic (1817-1920): How they Shaped India And the World”?

(a) Tamal Bandyopadhyay

(b) Randeep Guleria

(c) Gagandeep Kang

(d) Chinmay Tumbe

(e) Chandrakant Lahariya

[ANS] d


[Q] In a recent survey by the Zoological Survey of India, Scientists predicted a massive decline in habitat suitable for which species by 2050?

(a) Polar Bear

(b) Himalayan Brown Bear

(c) Penguin

(d) Asian Elephant

(e) Rhinoceros

[ANS] b


[Q] World Tsunami Awareness Day is observed annually on _________.

(a) 4 November

(b) 5 November

(c) 3 November

(d) 2 November

(e) 1 November

[ANS] b


[Q] Alassane Ouattara has been re-appointed as the President of which country for the third successive year?

(a) Ghana

(b) Senegal

(c) Ivory Coast

(d) Mali

(e) Benin

[ANS] c


[Q] A new book titled “Till We Win” by AIIMS Director _________ and two other doctors will give a definitive account of India’s fight against Covid-19 and how to deal with the pandemic in the days to come.

(a) Sanjeev Malhotra

(b) Sunita Agarwal

(c) Ramesh Verma

(d) Randeep Guleria

(e) Surjit Singh

[ANS] d

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