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Friday, April 30, 2021


 DAILY GK QUIZ: 27,28 APRIL 2021

[Q] Which state won the 1st prize in “E-Panchayat Puraskar 2021” under Category I for promoting the use of ICT in gram panchayat?

(a) Telangana

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Odisha

(d) Uttar Pradesh

(e) Karnataka

[ANS] d


[Q] Who was appointed as the MD & CEO of National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) by SEBI in April 2021?

(a) Ajay Tyagi

(b) P. S. Reddy

(c) Arun Raste

(d) G.V. Nageswara Rao

(e) Vijay Kumar

[ANS] c


[Q] Recently, Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of __________ resigned from office.

(a) Georgia

(b) Turkey

(c) Syria

(d) Bulgaria

(e) Armenia

[ANS] e


[Q] Who won the 2021 Barcelona Open?

(a) Novak Djokovic

(b) Rafael Nadal

(c) Daniil Medvedev

(d) Dominic Thiem

(e) Stefanos Tsitsipa

[ANS] b


[Q]The election commission has banned Roadshow and Vehicle rally in which state?

(a) Tamil Nadu

(b) Kerala

(c) West Bengal

(d) Assam

[ANS] c


[Q]Who is the author of the book titled- The Living Mountain?

(a) Jhumpa Lahiri

(b) Vikram Seth

(c) Amrita Pritam

(d) Amitav Ghosh

[ANS] d


[Q] India has partnered with which country to launch Agenda 2030 partnership?

(a) UK

(b) Japan

(c) USA

(d) France

[ANS] c


[Q] India will build Infrastructures for 3 Educational Institutions in which country?

(a) Nepal

(b) Bangladesh

(c) Pakistan

(d) Japan

[ANS] a


[Q] What is the theme of the World Book and Copyright Day 2021?

(a) Read & Explore

(b) Publish Book

(c) Unique Ability

(d) To Share a Story

[ANS] d


[Q] In Net Zero Producers Forum, member countries will discuss how to achieve net-zero carbon emission by which year?

(a) 2030

(b) 2050

(c) 2025

(d) 2022

[ANS] b


[Q] What is the upper age limit fixed for MD & CEO and WTDs in private banks by RBI?

(a) 75 years

(b) 62 years

(c) 65 years

(d) 70 years

(e) 60 years

[ANS] d

[Q] India has recently joined Rescue Operation for Missing Submarine “KRI Nanggala-402”. KRI Nanggala-402 is the submarine of which country?

(a) Australia

(b) Japan

(c) China

(d) Jordan

(e) Indonesia

[ANS] e


[Q] Who is the author of the new Book “Living Mountain”?

(a) Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri

(b) Amitav Ghosh

(c) Krishna Sobti

(d) Shanka Ghosh

(e) Bhalchandra Nemade

[ANS] b


[Q] Indian executive Jagdish Khattar who has passed away recently was the former MD of which company?

(a) SBI

(b) ONGC

(c) Bata

(d) HDFC Bank

(e) Maruti Suzuki

[ANS] e


[Q] Which film has won the Best Picture Award at the 93rd Academy Awards or Oscars 2021?

(a) The Father

(b) Judas And The Black Messiah

(c) Nomadland

(d) Minari

(e) Sound of Metal

[ANS] c


[Q] Rajan Mishra, who has passed away recently, was a renowned ____________

(a) Historian

(b) Indian Classical Singer

(c) Architect

(d) Intelligent officer

(e) Professor

[ANS] b


[Q] Who among the following has won the Best Director Award at the 93rd Academy Awards or Oscars 2021?

(a) Chloé Zhao

(b) Thomas Vinterberg

(c) David Fincher

(d) Lee Isaac Chung

(e) Emerald Fennell

[ANS] a


[Q] Name the actress, who won the “Actress in a Leading Role” Award at the 93rd Academy Awards or Oscars 2021?

(a) Carey Mulligan

(b) Vanessa Kirby

(c) Andra Day

(d) Viola Davis

(e) Frances McDormand

[ANS] e


[Q] Which song has won the Original Song Award at the 93rd Academy Awards or Oscars 2021?

(a) Hear My Voice

(b) Fight For You

(c) Husavik

(d) lo Sì (Seen)

(e) Speak Now

[ANS] b


[Q] Which film has won the best Animated Feature Film Award at the 93rd Academy Awards or Oscars 2021?

(a) Over the Moon

(b) Onward

(c) A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

(d) Soul

(e) Wolfwalkers

[ANS] d


[Q] Name the actor, who won the “Actor in a Leading Role” Award at the 93rd Academy Awards or Oscars 2021?

(a) Riz Ahmed

(b) Chadwick Boseman

(c) Anthony Hopkins

(d) Gary Oldman

(e) Steven Yeun

[ANS] c


DAILY GK QUIZ: 24,25,26 APRIL 2021

 DAILY GK QUIZ: 24,25,26 APRIL 2021

[Q] Where was the 20th Anniversary edition of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2021 took place?

(a) China

(b) India

(c) South Korea

(d) Indonesia

(e) Vietnam

[ANS] a


[Q] Who was featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2021 list?

(a) Kavita Shukla

(b) Nikhil Kamath

(c) Narendra Bansal

(d) Keshav Bansal

(e) Vibha Harish

[ANS] e



Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Thursday, April 22, 2021


 DAILY GK QUIZ: 20,21 APRIL 2021

[Q] In April 2021, the Finance Ministry replaced the Income Tax Settlement Commission with a new dispute resolution system. What is the maximum taxable income that can be resolved through the new system?

(a) Rs. 15 lakhs

(b) Rs. 25 lakhs

(c) Rs. 30 lakhs

(d) Rs. 50 lakhs

(e) Rs. 5 lakhs

[ANS] d

[Q] India was ranked ______ in the ‘Inclusive Internet Index 2021’ released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in partnership with __________.

(a) 52nd, Google

(b) 52nd, Facebook

(c) 52nd, Amazon

(d) 49th, Google

(e) 49th, Facebook

[ANS] e

[Q] India along with ___________ conducted the joint military exercise ‘Khanjar’ in ___________.

(a) Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

(b) Kazakhstan, Jaipur

(c) Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan

(d) Kyrgyzstan, Jaipur

(e) Tajikistan, Jaipur

[ANS] a

[Q] Where was the 34th edition of the Asian Wrestling Championships held?

(a) Tashkent, Uzbekistan

(b) Bangkok, Thailand

(c) Almaty, Kazakhstan

(d) Phnom Penh, Cambodia

(e) New Delhi, India

[ANS] c

[Q] According to the ‘State of the Global Climate 2020’ released by __________, Cyclone __________ caused economic losses worth 1.5 lakh crores, making it the costliest tropical cyclone in the North Indian Ocean.

(a) India Meteorological Department, Amphan

(b) World Meteorological Organization, Amphan

(c) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Nivar

(d) India Meteorological Department, Burevi

(e) World Meteorological Organization, Nivar

[ANS] b

[Q] In April 2021, Kim Boo-kyum was appointed as the Prime Minister of which country?

(a) China

(b) Singapore

(c) Taiwan

(d) South Korea

(e) Indonesia

[ANS] d

[Q] Which Space organisation was the 1st to land a helicopter called ‘Ingenuity’ on the Martian surface?

(a) ISRO

(b) JAXA

(c) SpaceX

(d) Roscosmos

(e) NASA

[ANS] e

[Q] Which is the 1st bank to start Aadhaar-based ATM service?

(a) IndusInd Bank

(b) Karur Vysya Bank

(c) DCB Bank

(d) City Union Bank

(e) RBL Bank

[ANS] c

[Q] When is the World Heritage Day observed?

(a) 16 April

(b) 17 April

(c) 18 April

(d) 15 April

(e) 19 April

[ANS] c

[Q] Which country has launched the first ever mega food park & food processing unit in India, at Fanidhar in Mehsana district of Gujarat?

(a) Australia

(b) UK

(c) USA 

(d) Spain

(e) Italy

[ANS] e

[Q] World Liver day is observed on the ________ every year to spread awareness about the second largest organ in the body.

(a) 15 April

(b) 16 April

(c) 17 April

d) 18 April

(e) 19 April

[ANS] e



 DAILY GK QUIZ: 18,19 APRIL 2021

[Q] What is the Rank of Indian passport as per the ‘Henley Passport Index: Q2 2021 Global Ranking’?

(a) 76th

(b) 58th

(c) 108th

(d) 92nd

(e) 84th

[ANS] e

[Q] Which film has won Best Film Award in BAFTA Awards 2021?

(a) Soul


(c)The Present

(d)Promising Young woman

[ANS] b

[Q] When is Save the Elephant Day is being celebrated every year?

(a) April 15

(b) April 14

(c)April 17

(d)April 16

[ANS] d

[Q] Who has been chosen the ODI player of the decade for 2010s in the Wisden Almanack 2021?

(a) M S Dhoni

(b) Steven Smith

(c) Virat Kohli

(d) Rohit Sharma

(e) Ben Stokes

[ANS] c

[Q] “Believe – What Life and Cricket Taught Me” is the memoir Book of which of the following cricketer?

(a) Yuvraj Singh

(b) Gautam Gambhir

(c) Harbhajan Singh

(d) Suresh Raina

(e) Zaheer Khan

[ANS] d

[Q] Who has been named the leading cricketer in the world for a second consecutive year in the 2021 edition of Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack?

(a) Steven Smith

(b) Rohit Sharma

(c) Ben Stokes

(d) Jasprit Bumrah

(e) Virat Kohli

[ANS] c

[Q] World Hemophilia Day observed globally on _________ every year.

(a) 15 April

(b) 14 April

(c) 16 April

(d) 17 April

(e) 18 April

[ANS] d

[Q] What is the theme of 2021 World Hemophilia Day?

(a) Sharing Knowledge Makes Us Stronger

(b) Get + Involved

(c) Adapting to Change: Sustaining care in a new world

(d) Hear Their Voices

(e) Treatment for all is the vision of all

[ANS] c

[Q] NASA is set to launch four astronauts to the International Space Station along with ________.

(a) SpaceX

(b) JAXA

(c) ESA

(d) CNSA

(e) Roscosmos

[ANS] a

[Q] Who has been named the “leading women’s cricketer in the world” in the 2021 edition of Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack?

(a) Mithali Raj

(b) Katherine Helen Brunt

(c) Beth Mooney

(d) Sana Mir

(e) Shashikala Siriwardene

[ANS] c