Monday, December 22, 2014


1.     Tittle of the novel authorized by Yashwardhanshukla, a 13yrs old Delhi based school boy is- 'Gods Of Antarctica'.
2.     National capital of the Islamic Republiced Of Afganistan – kabul
3.     Indian super leaque is a profesional – football tournament
4.     Sh. Narendramodi was recently annoncedRs28000 cr package to establishrailway lines in- North East.
5.     For setting up mega solar power unit with capacity 1000 mw, the NTPC is entering into a Mou with the state Govtof ?- Andhra Pradesh
6.     Indian forces recently conducted a join combat exersice in uttarkhand with the army of united states of america,theexersice was known as :- "yudhabhyas 2014"
7.     AJiturai won a gold medal in recent asian games is associated with game of- shooting
8.     Under PMJDY SCHEME account holder will be covered under accidental insurance over what is the amount of cover under the scheme? – 100000
9.     Indian Air Force was recently gifted a vintage Dakota aircraft from the IAF MUSEUM to bangladesh air force.
10.  KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK has recently announced its acquisition  to - ING VYSYA BANK
11.  Under the recently introduced revamped ‘KisanVikasPatra scheme’ the investment double in how many months. 100 months
12.  International maritime Organisationis headquarter in - London
13.  What is the maximum amount that can be invested under the recently launched kisanvikaspatra
14.  FEMA full form -  Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
15.  According to W.H.O. Nearly 80 % of global polio loses are accounted by which country? - PAKISTAN
16.  As per census 2011 the sex ratio in respect of urban population in India has increased from 900 in 2001 to 929in 2011.
17.  Insurance service provided by various banks in common known is BANCASSURANCE
18.  Cyclon storm which recently hit north coastal Andra Pradesh And South Odisha coasts was named as :-HUDHUD
19.  International Day For Person With Disabilities  is observed all over the world every year on- 3rd December
20.  “Khasi” Languageis claimed to be spoken by over 1.5 million people in the state of: - Meghalaya.
21.  What is the full form of AQB? - Average Quarterly Balance
22.  Where is WHO headquarters – Geneva
23.  What is the capital of Australia – Canberra
24.  Who can issue commercial paper? - corporates, primary dealers (pds) and the All-India financial institutions (FIS)
25.  In EBT,”e” stands for? – Electronic
26.  What is Argentina currency - Argentine peso
27.  Sarjubala Devi related to which sport? – Boxing
28.  Tapan raychaudharywho died recently was a? – Historian
29.  “Lowland” is written by? - JhumpaLahiri
30.  Lucknow City is banked on which river ?- Gomti
31.  Antyoday Divas is celebrated in whose memory?- PanditDeenDayalUpadhyaya
32.  What is the new constituency of SushamaSwaraj- vidhisha
33.  What is the venue of next G20 Summit – Turkey
34.  CBS full form - Core Banking Solution
35.  ULIP full form - Unit-Linked Insurance Plan
36.  Economics Nobel prize is conferred on - Jean Tirole
37.  Revised target of opening of accounts in PMJDY?- 10 crore
38.  Currency of Kingdom Of Bhutan is: NGULTRUM (1 inr = 1 ngultrum).
39.  BRICS BANK HEAD OFFICEwas  located in which country - china
40.  While speaking at the UN General  Assembly, our PM sh. Narendramodi gave a call for observing an   -  Yoga Day
41.  Who is Brazilian president? - DilmaRouseff
42.  BCCI life time achievement award 2014 - DilipVengasarkar
43.  How many digits are in IFSC CODE – 11
44.  Shanti SwarupBhatnagar Prize for physical sciences 2014 given to -Dr.PratapRaychaudhuri
45.  RBI allowed Minors Of Age______to open account? - 10 years
46.  Payment Banksworking capital - 100 crore

47.  Name of MARSOrbiter Missionwhich celebrated its 50th anniversary Mariner 4Mission

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