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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


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1.       Where is the Headquarter of Asian Development Bank?
a.       Geneva                                  b. Manilla
c.   Singapore                              d. Bhutan
2.       In which state Paryavaran Mahotsav begins?
a.       Punjab                                   b. Gujarat
c   Sikkim                                     d. UP
3.       Which Bank launched Online Forex platform?
a.       SBI                                         b. PNB
c.   ICICI                                       d. HDFC
4.       Which service for weather alert was launched by union government?
a.       Now Cast                               b. Sakaar
c.    Gagan                                                d. Aakash
5.       In which year Battle of Waterloo was fought?
a.       1915                                      b. 1947
c.   1815                                       d. 1921
6.       Which application was launched to Aid National Mission for clean Ganga?
a.       Safar                                      b. Now cast
c.   Bhuvan                                  d. Gagan
7.       Who is appointed as Kerala’s Ayurveda Tourism Brand Ambassador?
a.       Sania Mirza                           b. Saina Nehwal
c.   Steffi Graf                              d. Sareena William
8.       Which country Tops in Swiss money list?
a.       India                                      b. UK
c.   USA                                         d. China
9.       Alibaba.com recently tied up with which bank for Small and medium enterprises?
a.       ICICI                                       b. HDFC
c.   Axis                                        d. SBI
10.  Which state banned sale of thermacol plates?
a.       Jharkhand                             b. Punjab
c.   Haryana                                 d. UP
11.  Which former Indian Woman Hockey captain died recently?
a.       Neha                                      b. Shashi Bala
c.   Urmila Sharma                      d. P.T.Usha
12.  India has how much Forex reserves in 2015?
a.       $354 bn                                 b. $650 bn     
c.   $ 1200 bn                              d. $ 450bn
13.  Which country is the world’s costliest place to live?
a.       USA                                        b. UK
c.   Angola                                    d. Canada
14.  When is World refugee Day observed?
a.       12th June                                b. 18th May
c.   20th June                                d. 21st June
15.  In which state modernised Anganwadi centre is launched?
a.       Haryana                                b. UP
c.   Mumbai                                  d. Jharkhand
16.   Which country topped in FDI recipient list?
a.       USA                                        b. China
c.   India                                       d. Dubai
17.  Who is appointed as new president of International cricket council?
a.       Jagmohan Dalmiya              b. Richard Henry
c.   Zaheer Abbas                                   d. Chritopher
18.  Which Guru founded Shri Anandpur Sahib?
a.       Guru Nanak Dev                  b. Guru Hargobind Singh
c.   Guru Teg bahadur               d. Guru Arjun Dev
19.  India retains which place  in recent ICC ODI ranking?
a.       First                                       b. Second
c.   seventh                                  d. Sixth
20.  Which team won FIFA U-20 world cup 2015?
a.       Serbia                                                b.Brazil
c.   New Zealand                         d. India

1.        B
2.        C
3.        A
4.        A
5.        C
6.        C
7.        C
8.        B
9.        A
10.   A
11.   B
12.   A
13.   C
14.   C
15.   A
16.   B
17.   C
18.   C
19.   B
20.   A



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