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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


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1. When is World Youth skill day is observed:
a. 15th July                                    b. 16th July
c.   11th June                                d. 21st June
2. Which committee is formed on Financial inclusion:
a. Deepak Mohanty                     b. Rajeev Sharma
c.   Rajesh Shukla                         d. Neha Sharma
3. Who is the head of BCCI:
a. Kapil Dev                                  b. Sunil Gavaskar
c.   Ravi Shankar                          d Jagmohan Dalmiya
4. Who won champion of change award:
a. Neha Kattar                              b. Sunita Wiswanath
c.   Ashok Kumar                         d. Vijay Sharma
5. World Bank signed $ 250 million loan pact with India for which state:
a. Kerala                                       b. Punjab
c.   H.P                                           d. Andra  Pradesh
6. India has signed Currency Swap deal with which country:
a. Sri Lanka                                  b. USA
c.   Japan                                       d. China
7. Who is Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution:
a. Venkiah Naidu                         b. Ram Vilas Paswan
c.   Radha Mohan                         d. Simarti Irani
8. Which country recently offered help to India in cleaning Ganga:
a. Israel                                         b. UK
c.   Iraq                                         d. Japan
9. Name the player who sets world record in 1500 m at Monaco diamond League:
a. Genzebe DiBaba                      b. Gratlin
c.   Rakesh Khanna                      d. Amelie Mauresmo
10. Who is appointed as new chairman of Narmada Valley Development Authority:
a. Rakesh Sahini                          b. Rajesh Kumar
c.   Bhanu Partap                         d. Pradeep
11. Which company is going to launch white Fi technology in India:
a. HCL                                           b. Microsoft
c.   IBM                                          d. Nokia
12. Which city is selected by UNESCO as city of Music:
a. Varanasi                                   b. Kerala
c.   Karnataka                               d. Bihar
13. Who is appointed as New chairman of IPL:
a. Rajiv Shukla                             b. Jagmohan Dalmiya
c.   Kapil Dev                                d. Sachin Tendulkar
14. Which country imports maximum goods from India:
a. Sri Lanka                                  b. USA
c.   China                                       d. Britain
15.  When is Nelson Mandela International Day is observed:
a. 15th July                                                b. 18th July
c.   21st June                                  d. 10th July
16. Who amongst the following recently resigned from the post of Presidentship of FIFA :
a. Hindol Seng                              b. Sepp Blatter
c.   John Watler                            d. Kem Johnson
17. Who is appointed as Chief Economist of IMF:
a. Maurice Obstfeld                     b. Christine Logard
c.   Jim Yong Kim                          d. Ban Ki Mon
18. Which country is going to build Choppers with India:
a. Russia                                       b. Israel
c.    USA                                         d. UK
19. Name the player who is inducted into the International Tennis hall of fame:
a. Amelie Mauresmo                   b. Sania Mirza
c.   Novak Djokovic                      d. Andy Murrah
20. Where is the Headquarter of Indian Space Research Organisation:
a. Bengaluru                                b. Karnataka 
c.   Kerala                                     d. Chennai

1) A
2) A
3) D
4) B
5) D
6) A
7) A
8) A
9) A
10) A
11) B
12) A
13) A
14) A
15) B
16) B
17) A
18) A
19) A
20) A

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