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Friday, February 19, 2016

English Quiz-4 Based on Prepositions For LIC AAO, SBI Exam 2016

1. The poor have to work _________ morning to evening.
a. In                           
b. To                                      
c. From                                 
d. Before
2. I go _________ swim every morning.
a. To                          
b. For                                    
c. At                           
d. In
3. Never laugh _________ the poor and disabled.
a. On                        
b. from                                              
c. to                           
d. at
4. Please wait _________ me, I am coming within 5 minutes.
a. For                        
b. by                                      
c. from                                  
d. to
5. He fell _________ love with Pooja.
a. By                          
b. For                                    
c. In                           
d. with
6. I got your parcel _________ Tuesday.
a. Since                                  
b. For                                    
c. To                          
d. On
7. She was married _________ an early age.
a. For                        
b. of                                       
c. at                            
d. in
8. His father died _________ the age of 63.
a. At                           
b. in                                       
c. for                          
d. of
9. They will go to Delhi _________ plane.
a. On                          
b. in                                       
c. by                           
d. from
10. I am grateful _________ my friends for their moral support.
a. For                        
b. to                                       
c. of                           
d. with

1.C, 2.B, 3.D, 4.A, 5.C, 6.D, 7.C, 8.A, 9.C, 10.B,


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