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Wednesday, June 1, 2016



1. An electronic dealing and reporting of transactions in government securities was introduced in February 2002. That system is named as NDS. What does NDS stand for_______?

a. Negotiated Dealing System
b. Non-Banking Dealing System
c. Negotiable Debugging system
d. Negotiable Drilling System
e. Both a) and c)

2.  RBI follows which of the following system for issuance of currency?

a. Proportional Reserve System
b. Maximum Reserve System
c. Minimum Reserve System
d. None of the above

3.  What is the full form of TLR?

a. Triple Lock Reception
b. Two Lock Receptacle
c. Two Lock Reception
d. Triple Lock Receptacle

4. Rupee coins are the legal tender in India under the provisions of____________?

(a) Reserve Bank of India Act 1934
(b) Indian Coinage Act 1906
(c) Banking Regulation Act 1949
(d) Negotiable Instruments Act 1881
(e) None of the above

5. Which of the following is NOT a KYC requirement while opening a bank account?

a. A proof of income
b. A proof of address
c. A proof of identity
d. A recent photograph
e. None of these

6. What is the term used for a deposit with a bank that locks up money for a certain period but also provides an option of premature withdrawal which may attract a penalty?

a. Savings bank deposit
b. Recurring deposit
c. Term deposit
d. Current deposit

7.  Name the micro finance company that becomes the first to start operation as a commercial bank?

a  Paytm Bank
b. Vodafone m-Pesa Bank
c. Bandhan Bank
d. Yes Bank

8. SEBI has been imposed a restriction on money flow in equity through ‘P-notes’. What is the full form of ‘P-notes’?

(a) Participatory notes
(b) Purchase notes
(c) Permanent notes
(d) Private notes
(e) None of these

9. Which commission distributes the taxes between centre and states ?

(a) NITI Ayog
(b) Board of Direct Taxes
(c) National Advisory Council
(d) National Development Counsel
(e) Finance Commission

10. When a country decide to conduct trade on favorable terms with another country for mutual benefits, this is called :

a. MFN Status
b. FTA System
c. Bilateral Trade
d. Counter Trade

1.A, 2.C, 3.D, 4.B, 5.A, 6.C, 7.C, 8.A, 9.E, 10.A


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