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Wednesday, August 24, 2016



1. What do Working Capital mean?
(a) Cash-in hand and at bank
(b) Current assets
(c) Current assets minus current liabilities
(d) Current liabilities and provisions

2. Many Banks have adopted/launched “Core Banking Solution (CBS)”. Core Banking Solution is..........?
(a) A delivery channel for quick and fast delivery
(b) A new type of ATM useful for rural population
(c) A marketing strategy adopted by the Banks
(d) A new product launched to help senior citizens only as they are not able to visit branches/ATMs frequently

3. The term “Balance of Trade” can be defined as________.
(a) A point where the values of imports and exports are equal 
(b) The difference between the value of the imports and exports of a country
(c) The term is used with reference to bilateral trade agreements with countries of CIS Block
(d) The difference between the total of transactions with foreign countries in trade, services and capital

4. The open market operation transactions of RBI are carried out with a view to regulate?
(a) Liquidity in the economy
(b) Prices of essential commodities
(c) Inflation
(d) All of the above

5. Open market operations, one of the measures taken by RBI in order to control credit expansion in the economy means?
(a) Auction of gold
(b) Issuance of different types of bonds
(c) Sale or purchase of Govt. securities
(d) None of the above

6. Which among the following is correct full form of CAS in context with banking markets in India?
(a) Cash Authorization Scheme
(b) Credit Arrangement System
(c) Credit Access System
(d) Credit Authorization Scheme

7. In India nation income is estimated by?
(a) Central Statistical Organization
(b) Finance Commission
(c) Planning Commission
(d) Finance Ministry

8. These are the reserves that can act as a liquidity buffer for commercial banks during their crisis times.
a.  DSLR
b.   Forex Reserves
c.   SLR
d.   Semi SLR
e.   None of these

9. What does the lowering of Bank Rate by the Reserve Bank of India leads to
a. Less liquidity in the market
b. More liquidity in the market
c. Stability liquidity in the market
d. None of these
e. It is dependent on other factors also

10. S in ECS stands for
a.   State
b.   Swap
c.   Saving
d.   Scheme
e.   System

1,C. 2.A, 3.B, 4.D, 5.C, 6.D, 7.A, 8.C, 9.B, 10.C


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