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Friday, February 12, 2016

Quant Quiz-4 for LIC AAO And SBI Examination 2016

1. Two numbers are respectively 8% and 32% more than third. What percentage is the first of the second:
a. 800/11%
c. 800/9%
d. 200/9%
2. An electrical contractor purchases a certain amount of wire, 10% of which was stolen. After using 85% of the remainder, he had 47m 25 cm of wire left. How much wire did he purchase:
a. 350 m                                
b. 320 m                                
c. 300m                                  
d. 370m

3. A man spends 15% of his income in board and lodging, 10% of the remainder in other personal necessities and 5% of the rest in charity. If his income is Rs. 20000, find the amount left by him at the end:
a. Rs 14535               
b. Rs 14353                           
c. Rs 14533               
d. Rs 15435

4. During the first year, the population of a town increases by 20% during the second year decreases by 5% and again decreases by 10% during the third year and the population at the end of third year is 51300. Find the population at the beginning of the first year.
a. 50000                                
b. 51000                                
c. 49200                    
d. 40000

5. A candidate scores 46% and fails by 55 marks, while another candidates who scores 81% marks, get 15 marks more than the minimum required marks to pass the examination. Find the maximum marks for the examination :
a. 350                         
b. 100                                    
c. 150                         
d. 200

6. A solution of salt and water contains 5% salt by weight, of it 20 kg water evaporates and the solution now contains 15% of salt. Find the original quantity of solution.
a. 15 kg                                  
b. 30 kg                                              
c. 18 kg                                  
d. 24 kg

7. In an examination the percentage of students qualified to the number of students appeared from school ‘A’ is 80%. In school ‘B’ the number of students appeared is 25% more than the students appeared from school ‘A’ and the number of students qualified from school ‘B’ is 40% more than the students qualified from school ‘A’. What percentage of students qualified to the number of students appeared from school ‘B’:
a. 45%                                   
b. 90%                                               
c. 89.5%                     
d. 89.6%

8. A reduction of 12.5% in the price of mangoes enables a purchaser to obtain 4 more for a rupee. What are the reduced price and the original price per mango:
a. Re1/32, Re.1/28
b. Re1/32, Re1/36
c. Re 1/28, Re.1/36  
d. none of these

9. When the price of coffee was increased by 24% , a family reduced its consumption in such a way that the expenditure on coffee was only 8% more than before. If 31 kg were consumed per month before, find the new monthly consumption:
a. 26 kg                                  
b. 25 kg                                              
c. 28 kg                                  
d. 27 kg

10. In a school, a total of 110 students are studying together in two divisions A and B of class X. The students are studying only Hindi, only Sanskrit or both Hindi and Sanskrit. The total number of students in A and B divisions are in the ratio of 5:6; the number of students studying only Hindi is 40% of the total number of students in the two divisions. The number of students studying both subjects in A division is 30% of the students in that division and is equal to the number of students studying only Hindi in the same division.36 students study both Hindi and Sanskrit. What is the total number of students studying only Sanskrit in class X:
a. 44                           
b. 38                                       
c. 36                           
d. 30               
e. none of these
1.B, 2.A, 3.A, 4.A, 5.D, 6.B, 7.C, 8.A, 9.D, 10.D

For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE

Quant Quiz-3 for LIC AAO& SBI Exam 2016


1. Two numbers have 16 as their HCF and 146 as their LCM. Then, one can say that:
a. Many such pairs of numbers exist
b. Only one pair of numbers exist.
c. No such pair of numbers exists.
d. Only two such pairs of numbers exist.
2. What is the least multiple of 7, which when divided by 2,3,4,5 and 6 leaves the remainders 1,2,3,4 and 5 respectively:
a. 119                                  
c. 112                                                  
d. can’t determine
3. A man says to his son, ‘seven years ago I was seven times as old as you were and three years hence I will be three times as old as you will be.’ There ages are ____ and ___ yrs:
a. 60,12                                              
b. 52,12                              
c.   42,12                                            
d. 50,15
4. A person purchased 100 oranges at 4 a rupee and 200 oranges as 2 a rupee. He mixed them and sold at 3 oranges a rupee. Find his per cent loss or gain.
a.20% loss                        
b. 25% loss                                       
c.  20% profit                                  
d. 25% profit
5. If a man buys 10 pens and 5 pencils for Rs 500, and sells the pens at a profit  of 10% and the pencils at a loss of 15 % , and his whole gain is Rs 25.What price does he pay for a pen and a pencil:
a. 20,30                                              
b. 40,20                                              
6. Find the compound interest on Rs 9375 in 2 years, the rate of interest being 2% for the first year and 4% for the second year.
a. Rs. 570                                           
b. Rs.1140                                         
c.   Rs. 1155                         
d. Rs. 670
7. 3 men and 4 boys can earn Rs 756 in 7 days. 11 men and 13 boys can earn Rs 3008 in 8 days. In what time will 7 men with 9 boys earn  Rs 2480:
a. 12                                    
c. 15                                                     
8. A train leaves Calcutta at 7:30 am and travels 40 km an hour, another train leaves Calcutta at noon and travels 64 km an hour, when and where will the second train overtake the first:
a. 480 km, 2:30 pm      
b. 480 km, 7:30 pm                      
c. 840 km, 7:30 pm                       
d. 480 km, 6:30 pm
9. Two bullets were fired at a place at an interval of 38 minutes. A person approaching the firing point in his car hears the two sounds at an interval of 36 minutes. The speed of sound is 330 m/sec. What is the speed of the car:
a. 98 km                                            
b. 49 km                                            
c. 99 km                                             
d. 66 km
10. Three pipes A, B and C are connected to a tank. A and B together can fill the tank in 60 minutes , B and C together in 40 minutes and C and A together in 30 minutes. In how much time will each pipe fill the tank separately:
a. 60 min, 250 min, 64 min
b. 40 min, 120 min, 24 min
c. 80 min, 240 min, 48 min
d. None of these
1.C , 2.A , 3.C , 4.A , 5.B , 6.A , 7.B , 8.B , 9.D , 10.C,

For Full Explanation Of Each Question CLICK HERE

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