Thursday, January 7, 2021



[Q] Which organisation prepared the “Action Agenda for Atma Nirbhar Bharat (AAAN)” report that was recently released by Union Minister, Harsh Vardhan on January, 2021?

(a) National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

(b) Department of Science & Technology (DST)

(c) Inter University Accelerator Centre (IUAC)

(d) International Institute of Forecasters (IIF)

(e) Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC)

[ANS] e


[Q] Which organisation released the booklet “Building an Aatmanirbhar Bharat”?

(a) Rajya Sabha

(b) Lak Sabha

(c) Ministry of External Affairs

(d) Ministry of Railways

(e) Prime Minister’s Office

[ANS] d


[Q] Which state was declared as ‘disturbed area’ for 6 more months under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) from Home Ministry on 30th December, 2020?

(a) Jammu & Kashmir

(b) Sikkim

(c) Arunachal Pradesh

(d) Nagaland

(e) Tripura

[ANS] d


[Q] Which organisation has approved USD 100 million loans for India to upgrade the power distribution system in Bengaluru city?

(a) United Nations Development Programme

(b) New Development Bank

(c) World Bank

(d) Asian Development Bank

(e) Inter-American Development Bank

[ANS] d


[Q] Who has been appointed as the new Chief Justice (CJ) of the Common High Court for the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir and Union Territory of Ladakh?

(a) Kailash Nath Katju

(b) Vishweshwar Nath Khare

(c) Pankaj Mithal

(d) Krishna Murari

(e) Ranjeet Rana

[ANS] c


[Q] Who among the following has been elected president of the All India Chess Federation (AICF)?

(a) Rajan Verma

(b) Ravindra Dongre

(c) PR Venketrama Raja

(d) Singh Chauhan

(e) Sanjay Kapoor

[ANS] e

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