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[Q] Where is India’s 1st World Skill Center(WSC), an advanced skill training institute, that was developed under the assistance of Asian Development Bank?

(a) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

(b) Bhubaneswar, Odisha

(c) Kolkata, West Bengal

(d) Raipur, Chhattisgarh

(e) Chennai, Tamil Nadu

[ANS] b

[Q] Which organisation signed an MoU  with the Ministry of Women and Child Development for enhancing mutual cooperation in various areas targeting Women Empowerment?

(a) NITI Aayog

(b) India Brand Equity Foundation


(d) Invest India

(e) Confederation of Indian Industry

[ANS] d

[Q] Which country leased 4-Heron TP Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Indian Army for 3 years?

(a) Israel

(b) Japan

(c) USA

(d) France

(e) Australia

[ANS] a

[Q] Which country’s National Security Adviser visited India  for participating in the country’s 1st Strategic and Counter Terrorism Dialogue with India?

(a) Senegal

(b) Ghana

(c) Nigeria

(d) Tanzania

(e) Madagascar

[ANS] c

[Q] What is India’s Rank in the ‘2021 Economic Freedom Index’ released by The Heritage Foundation?

(a) 72

(b) 108

(c) 56

(d) 64

(e) 121

[ANS] e

[Q] Which small finance bank launched “Garima Saving Accounts”, a special savings account for women that provides a maximum interest rate of 7%?

(a) AU Small Finance Bank

(b) Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

(c) Equitas Small Finance Bank

(d) Jana Small Finance Bank

(e) Fincare Small Finance Bank

[ANS] b

[Q] Who received a ‘Baton of Honour’ from President Ram Nath Kovind?

(a) Anusuiya Uikey

(b) Baby Rani Maurya

(c) Anandiben Patel

(d) Tamilisai Soundararajan

(e) Kiran Bedi

[ANS] e

[Q] Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated the ‘Maitri Setu’ bridge, to strengthen connectivity with which country?

(a) Nepal

(b) Bangladesh

(c) Maldives

(d) Sri Lanka

(e) Myanmar

[ANS] b

[Q] Which of the following State/UT, has recently launched “Super-75” scholarship schemes for meritorious girls, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021?

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Rajasthan

(c) Uttarakhand

(d) Jammu & Kashmir

(e) New Delhi

[ANS] d

[Q] Trivendra Singh Rawat has recently resigned as the Chief Minister of which state?

(a) Kerala

(b) Haryana

(c) Rajasthan

(d) Himachal Pradesh

(e) Uttarakhand

[ANS] e

[Q] Name the winner of men’s single title at the 2021 BWF Swiss Open Super 300.

(a) Kento Momota

(b) Chen Long

(c) Viktor Axelsen

(d) Shi Yuqi

(e) Kunlavut Vitidsarn

[ANS] c

[Q] The newly inaugurated Maitri Setu bridge has been established over which river?

(a) Feni

(b) Sone

(c) Kosi

(d) Subernarekha

(e) Brahmaputra

[ANS] a

[Q] Which country has ranked first in the Economic Freedom Index 2021 launched by the Heritage Foundation?

(a) Singapore

(b) Hong Kong

(c) Mauritius

(d) South Korea

(e) Japna

[ANS] a

[Q] What was the rank of India in Asia-Pacific region in Economic Freedom Index 2021?

(a) 15

(b) 26

(c) 32

(d) 41

(e) 50

[ANS] b

[Q] 19-year old Manu Bhaker won the BBC’s Emerging Player of the Year award. She is associated with ________.

(a) Shooting

(b) Running

(c) Swimming

(d) Wrestling

(e) Boxing

[ANS] a

[Q] Name the Indian Navy’s third Scorpene submarine which was commissioned recently.

(a) INS Kalvari

(b) INS Khanderi

(c) INS Shankush

(d) INS Karanj

(e) INS Shankul

[ANS] d

[Q] Which of the following country recently voted in favour of a proposal banning full facial coverings?

(a) France

(b) Switzerland

(c) Italy

(d) Russia

(e) China

[ANS] b

[Q] Who among the following has won the BBC Indian Sportswoman-of-the-Year award?

(a) Dutee Chand

(b) Koneru Humpy

(c) Vinesh Phogat

(d) Rani Rampal

(e) Sushil Kumar

[ANS] b

[Q]  President Ram Nath Kovind has laid the foundation stone for the conservation works of Singorgarh Fort in which state?

(a) Gujarat

(b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Rajasthan

(d) Madhya Pradesh

[ANS] d

[Q]The Indian Naval Ships, INS Sumedha, and INS Kulish are on a visit to the historic port town of which country?

(a) Maldives

(b) Nepal

(c) Afghanistan

(d) Bangladesh

[ANS] d

[Q]Which state has announced the year 2021 as the Year of Education?

(a) Arunachal Pradesh

(b) Assam

(c) Bihar

(d) Karnataka

[ANS] a

[Q] Which state has launched the night safaris in 3 National Parks?

(a) Bihar

(b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Himachal Pradesh

(d) Goa

[ANS] b

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