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[Q] Who has been named as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, at the 23rd edition of the EY Entrepreneur of The Year India awards?

(a) RoshniNadar

(b) KiranMazumdar Shaw

(c) Falguni Nayar

(d) None of the above

[ANS] c


[Q] The founder of the educational charity ‘Bidyanando’ Kishore Kumar Das has been chosen for the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth Points of Light Award. He is from which of the country?

(a) Nepal

(b) Bangladesh

(c) India

(d) Pakistan

[ANS] b


[Q] Assam Chief Minister DrHimanta Biswa Sarma has presented the country’s highest literary award the 56th Jnanpith for the year 2021 to whom?

(a) Nilamani Phookan

(b) MamoniRoisomGoswami

(c) Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya

(d) AkkithamNamboothiri

[ANS] a


[Q] Give then name of noted poet and litterateur who will be awarded the prestigious Saraswati Samman, 2021, for his collection of poems ‘Mein to Yahan Hun’.

(a) Arun Kamal

(b) Prof Ramdarash Mishra

(c) JayantaMahapatra

(d) DrSubhash C Kashyap

[ANS] b


[Q] ___________ is India’s first indigenously developed COVID-19 vaccine for animals, which was developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)- National Research Centre on Equines(NRCE) (Hisar, Haryana)?

(a) Covovax

(b) Nuvaxovid

(c) Moderna

(d) Anocovax

[ANS] d


[Q] Name the Permanent Representative of Bangladesh who has been appointed as Under Secretary General of UN and also a High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries, and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS)?

(a) HumayunKabir

(b) Muhammad Yunus

(c) Shah Imran Ahmed

(d) Rabab Fatima

[ANS] d


[Q] To which planet does NASA plan for the tentative launch (2029 year) of the DAVINCI mission?

(a) Mars

(b) Venus

(c) Jupiter

(d) Saturn

[ANS] b


[Q] Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has inaugurated ‘Dharohar’, the National Museum of Customs and GST in which state?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Rajasthan

(c) Goa

(d) Assam

[ANS] c


[Q] RBI has raised the limits for individual housing loans being extended by Urban Cooperative Banks and Rural Cooperative Banks. The limits have been increased from to _____________ for RCBs with assessed net worth less than Rs 100 crore.

(a) Rs 20 lakh

(b) Rs 30 lakh

(c) Rs 50 lakh

(d) Rs 75 lakh

[ANS] c


[Q] Name the Indian Grandmaster who has won the Norway Chess Group A open chess tournament.

(a) R Praggnanandhaa

(b) Harshit Raja

(c) BharathSubramaniyam

(d) Sankalp Gupta

[ANS] a


[Q] International Albinism Awareness Day is observed by the United Nations on _________ every year.

(a) June 11

(b) June 12

(c) June 13

(d) June 14

[ANS] c


[Q] What is the theme of International Albinism Awareness Day 2022?

(a) Strength Beyond All Odds

(b) United in making our voice heard

(c) Shining our light to the world

(d) Made to shine

[ANS] b


[Q] Rahul Srivatshav P of Telangana has become India’s ___ Grandmaster.

(a) 71st

(b) 72nd

(c) 73rd

(d) 74th

[ANS] d


[Q] Who has been appointed as the Under Secretary General of the United Nations?

(a) Kofi Annan

(b) Courtenay Rattray

(c) Ban Ki-moon

(d) Rabab Fatima

[ANS] d


[Q] The _____ World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Ministerial Conference (MC1(b) opened at WTO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

(a) 11th

(b) 12th

(c) 13th

(d) 14th

[ANS] b


[Q] Who become the world’s second-longest reigning monarch in history, after France’s Louis XIV?

(a) King JigmeKhesarNamgyelWangchuck

(b) BhumibolAdulyadej

(c) Queen Victoria

(d) Queen Elizabeth II

[ANS] d


[Q] ___________ was presented with Honorary Doctor of Literature by Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari at Raj Bhavan Mumbai.

(a) Mukesh Ambani

(b) Ratan Tata

(c) Amitabh Bachchan

(d) MS Dhoni

[ANS] b

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