DAILY GK QUIZ - 12- 30 NOV 

[Q] Which Financial Institution/Regulatory Body of India has signed an MoU with the Deendayal Antoydaya Yojana –National Rural Livelihood Mission (DAY-NRLM) to promote women-led enterprises in India:

(a) RBI

(b) Export-Import Bank of India

(c) Small Industries Development Bank of India

(d) SEBI

[ANS] c


[Q] Who has been appointed as the Chief Executive of the Association of Mutual Funds in India :

(a) Amrit Mathur

(b) Radhika Iyengar

(c) Rishi Raj

(d) Venkat Nageswar Chalasani

[ANS] d


[Q] When was the National Ayurveda Day 2023 observed across India:

(a) 3rd Nov 2023

(b) 13rd Nov 2023

(c) 7th  Nov 2023

(d) 10th Nov 2023

[ANS] d


[Q] Name the AI driven chatbot that has been recently launched by Anindita Mitra, CEO of Chandigarh Smart City Limited:


(b) Sophia

(c) Hanson

(d) Dictador

[ANS] a


[Q] Which state has launched the ‘Water Smart Kid’ campaign, an initiative under the Jal Jeevan Mission :

(a) Karnataka

(b) Kerala

(c) Meghalaya

(d) Telangana

[ANS] c


[Q] The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) introduced a new provision of ‘Special Category’ in the online Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) portal. What is the primary goal of this provision?

(a) To streamline food safety compliance procedures.

(b) To promote gender equality and equal opportunities.

(c) To offer discounts to food business operators.

(d) To enhance food labeling standards.

[ANS] b


[Q] With which country did the Election Commission of India (ECI) sign an MoU for cooperation in electoral management and administration?

(a) Sri Lanka

(b) Nepal

(c) Seychelles

(d) Bangladesh

[ANS] c


[Q] What should be the annual income of the students to avail benefits under Dr. Y.S. Parmar Vidyarthi Rin Yojana?

(a) less than 7 lakhs

(b) less than 4 lakhs

(c) less than 1 lakhs

(d) less than 5 lakhs

[ANS] b


[Q] Geographical Indications Registry (GIR) has granted Geographical Indication (GI) tags to ‘Atreyapuram Pootharekulu,’ a sweet made of rice and jaggery from which state?

(a) Andhra Pradesh

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Karnataka

(d) Kerala

[ANS] a


[Q] Which Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai signed a MoU with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to improve food security, nutrition, climate resilience, and livelihoods in India?

(a) IIT Delhi

(b) IIT Kanpur

(c) IIT Bombay

(d) IIT Madras

[ANS] c


[Q] What is the name of the advanced platform that generates crop estimates and integrates with other systems for agricultural statistics, including Price, Trade, Procurement, and Stock data?

(a) Unified Portal for Agricultural Estimates (UPAE)

(b) Agricultural Statistics Integration Platform (ASIP)

(c) Unified Portal for Agricultural Statistics (UPAg)

(d) Crop Estimation and Integration System (CEIS)

[ANS] c


[Q] Which organization launched the innovative e-Learning Programme in response to the increasing global need to support and enhance sustainable finance?

(a) United Nations

(b) World Bank

(c) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

(d) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

[ANS] c


[Q] Which organisation has unveiled a new operational framework for building climate-resilient and low carbon health systems to tackle the challenges posed by a rapidly changing cimate:

(a) UN Environment Program

(b) UN Development Programme

(c) World Health Organisation

(d) UN Children’s Fund

[ANS] c


[Q] Name the bank\organisation , along with Global Environment Facility (GEF) has to introduce the Natural Capital Fund , a concessional Fund

(a) Word Bank

(b) Asian Development Bank

(c) UN Development Programme

(d) IMF

[ANS] b


[Q] Who has recently won the 19th edition of the ‘Kalakar Puraskar’ award

(a) Apolinaris D’Souza

(b) Kassym-Jomart

(c) Emmerson Mnangagwa

(d) Daniel Ortega

[ANS] a


[Q] When was the National Education Day 2023 observed:

(a) 3rd Nov 2023

(b) 11th  Nov 2023

(c) 5th  Nov 2023

(d) 4th  Nov 2023

[ANS] b


[Q] The Supreme Court has issued new guidelines for designating senior advocates, replacing the existing 2017 guidelines. Under the new regulations, how many years of standing are required for lawyers?

(a) 7

(b) 15

(c) 5

(d) 10

[ANS] d


[Q] OneWeb Company will set up two ‘Satellite Network Portal Site’ in which Indian state to provide high-speed, low-latency and affordable connectivity to the government, businesses, consumers, schools and more?

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Gujarat

(d) Assam

[ANS] c


[Q] The European Investment Bank (EIB) has announced its support for India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission by offering a loan facility of up to how much pound?

(a) 5 million

(b) 10 billion

(c) 5 billion

(d) 1 billion

[ANS] d


[Q] The roots of the International Mango Festival can be traced back to 1987 when the National Horticulture Board of India had a bright idea—to celebrate mango. On which day National Mango Day is celebrated?

(a) 22 July

(b) 30 July

(c) 8 July

(d) 15 July

[ANS] a


[Q] Which organisation has launched an open data platform to streamline scientific data accessibility for decision makers, member states, experts, and the public?

(a) UN Institute for Disarmament Research

(b) International Atomic Energy Agency

(c) WTO

(d) UN Development Programme

[ANS] b


[Q] Who has received the first ever ‘Lifetime Disturbing the Peace Award’:

(a) Amrit Mathur

(b) Radhika Iyengar

(c) Rishi Raj

(d) Salman Rushdie

[ANS] d


[Q] Which Institute of Indian Council of Medical Reseach (ICMR) has launched ‘DISHA’ =Diagnostic Services in Healthcare: Availability and Geo-mapping of Laboratory services in India portal to assist the public to identity an dlocate nearest diagnostic health facilities:

(a) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi

(b) National Institute of Pathology

(c) Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow

(d) Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore

[ANS] b


[Q] The new book titled “Droupadi Murmu: From Tribal Hinterlands to Raisina Hills” illustrates the challenges Murmu encountered on her path to success as India’s first president from a tribal community. The book is authored by whom?

(a) Kasturi Ray

(b) Radhika Iyengar

(c) Chetna Maroo

(d) Anita Bharat Shah

[ANS] a


[Q] Which state became India’s first fully e-governed state as it successfully digitized a range of government services for prompt and transparent delivery to its citizens?

(a) Karnataka

(b) Kerala

(c) Odisha

(d) West Bengal

[ANS] b


[Q] RBI governor Shaktikanta Das has deservedly received an A+ rating in the recently released Global Finance Central Banker Report Cards 2023. Along with Shaktikanta Das, Thomas J Jordan Also got an A+ rating. Whose nation’s central bank is led by Thomas J. Jordan?

(a) Sweden

(b) New Zealand

(c) Vietnam

(d) Switzerland

[ANS] d


[Q] Who has been named for the ‘Gansamragnini Lata Mangeshkar Award’ for the year 2023:

(a) Sabyasachi Mukherjee

(b) Suresh Ishwar Wadkar

(c) Manish Malhotra

(d) Anita Dongre

[ANS] b


[Q] Which country has re-elected Pedro Sanchez as the Prime Minister:

(a) Spain

(b) Canada

(c) Sweden

(d) Australia

[ANS] a


[Q] Name the 4th anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Crafts that was launched by the Indian Navy in Kattupalli, Chennai, TN:

(a) Mika

(b) Sophia

(c) Hanson

(d) amini

[ANS] d


[Q] What is the significance of DAKSHIN, inaugurated during the Second Voice of Global South Summit?

(a) A global sports event for the Global South

(b) A center for excellence for Global South countries

(c) An environmental conservation initiative

(d) A diplomatic alliance headquarters

[ANS] b


[Q] What is the overarching theme of the Second Voice of Global South Summit?

(a) Unity and Progress: A Global Agenda

(b) Prosperity through Collaboration

(c) Together for Everyone’s Growth with Everyone’s Trust

(d) Sustainable Development for All

[ANS] c


[Q] What is the total number of patents granted by the Indian patent office in the fiscal year 2023-24 until November 15?

(a) 20,000

(b) 30,525

(c) 41,010

(d) 50,500

[ANS] c


[Q] According to a World Intellectual Property Organization report, what percentage did patent applications by Indians grow in 2022?

(a) 20.5%

(b) 25.8%

(c) 31.6%

(d) 40.2%

[ANS] c


[Q] According to the BofA survey, which markets are identified as the most favored in the Asia Pacific region?

(a) Japan

(b) Australia

(c) China

(d) Thailand

[ANS] a


[Q] What is India’s global ranking in terms of the number of unicorn companies, according to the research study?

(a) First

(b) Second

(c) Third

(d) Fourth

[ANS] c


[Q] United Nations designated November 18 as the _____________?

(a) To celebrate children globally

(b) “World Day for the Prevention of and Healing from Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Violence”

(c) To acknowledge the impact of climate change on children

(d) To raise awareness about child sexual exploitation

[ANS] b


[Q] _________ became the First Woman to win the dhahan Prize for Punjabi Literature:

(a) Dalip Kaur

(b) Radhika Iyengar

(c) Ajeet Kaur

(d) Deepti Babuta

[ANS] d


[Q] Booker Prize winning British Author Dame Antonia Susan Byatt passed away , Her Book,________ won the booker Prize for Fiction in 1990:

(a) Possession: A Rommence

(b) The Children’s Book

(c) shadow of a Sun

(d) elementals: Stories of Fire and Ice

[ANS] a


[Q] Which State/UT’s Seabuckthorn has got Geographical Indication (GI)Tag status:

(a) Karnataka

(b) Kerala

(c) Ladakh

(d) Telangana

[ANS] c


[Q] According to leading brand valuation consultancy, Brand Finance, the Tata Group has retained its title of India’s most valuable brand and is racing ahead with double digit brand value growth of 10.3 per cent to $26.4 billion. Which among the following became the most valuable clothing brand in India for 2023?

(a) Allen Solly

(b) Park Avenue

(c) Peter England

(d) Raymond

[ANS] d


[Q] _______________ means a note of which a portion is missing or which is composed of more than two pieces.

Which among the following will fit into the blank?

(a) Government note

(b) Imperfect Note

(c) Mismatched Note

(d) Mutilated Note

[ANS] d


[Q] The Koyna Hydroelectric Project is the largest completed hydroelectric power plant in India. The total capacity of the project is 1,960 MW. In which state it is located?

(a) Tamil Nadu

(b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Gujarat

(d) Maharashtra

[ANS] d


[Q] Air India unveiled its new logo, inspired by the classic and iconic Indian window shape, ‘The Vista’ which includes a modern design with golden, red and purple colours. What was the old logo of Air India?

(a) Blue Swan

(b) White Swan

(c) Red Swan

(d) Green Swan

[ANS] c


[Q] In which of the following Indian cities is Indira Gandhi Stadium for indoor games situated?

(a) New Delhi

(b) Indore

(c) Mumbai

(d) Hyderabad

[ANS] a


[Q] On Bima Lokpal Day (11 Nov) , Insurance Ombudsman announced that it has disposed of over ____  of the complaints received from the insured during FY 2022-23:

(a) 92.28%

(b) 85.87%

(c) 88.90%

(d) 90.66%

[ANS] a


[Q] Who has received National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Implementation and Advanced Concepts team (IMPACT) Planet Award 2023:

(a) Sabyasachi Mukherjee

(b) Sujit Roy

(c) Manish Malhotra

(d) Anita Dongre

[ANS] b


[Q] The appointments Committee of the cabinet approved the appointment of Vinay M Tonse as the Managing Director of _____ (Bank)

(a) BoI

(b) BoB

(c) SBI

(d) IB

[ANS] c


[Q] Which country has appointed Luc –Frieden as the 23rd Prime Minister:

(a) Colombia

(b) Luxembourg

(c) Zambia

(d) Turkey

[ANS] b


[Q] What is the theme of World Fisheries Day 2023:

(a) Celebrating the Wealth of Fisheries and aquaculture

(b) Investing in social Protection

(c) Social Responsibility in the fisheries value chain

(d) fisheries, sustainability and innovation

[ANS] a


[Q] According to the latest report from the United Nations, a total of __________ people moved out of poverty in India within just 15 years from 2005/2006 to 2019/2021, highlighting the remarkable achievement by the world’s most populous nation. Which among the following will fit into the blank?

(a) 475 million

(b) 335 million

(c) 415 million

(d) 215 million

[ANS] c


[Q] India topped the medals tally at the 34th International Biology Olympiad (IBO) 2023 held in Al Ain, UAE. In the competition, how many gold medals did India win?

(a) 9

(b) 7

(c) 6

(d) 4

[ANS] d


[Q] Who has authored a new book titled “India’s Finance Ministers: From Independence to Emergency (1947-1977)” which highlights the role of India’s finance ministers who shaped India’s economy in the first 30 years (from 1947 to 1977) after Independence?

(a) Vijay Darda

(b) Abhay K

(c) Roopa Rai

(d) AK Bhattacharya

[ANS] d


[Q] Which state approved the Co-operative Policy 2023 with an aim to strengthen the cooperative movement and create jobs in the co-operative sector and has become the first state to have implemented a cooperative policy?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Chhattisgarh

(c) Jharkhand

(d) Madhya Pradesh

[ANS] d


[Q] US Tech major Microsoft promotes chief operating officer Irina Ghose as India managing director. Who has been replaced by Irina Ghose?

(a) Edgars Rinkevics

(b) Mohit Joshi

(c) AnantMaheshwari

(d) Dennis Francis

[ANS] c


[Q] A new initiative called ‘IB SAATHI’ (Sustainable Access and Aligning Technology for Holistic Inclusion) to bolster its financial inclusion efforts has been introduced by which public sector bank?

(a) Indian Overseas Bank

(b) Indian Bank

(c) Canara Bank

(d) Union Bank of India

[ANS] b


[Q] A new study by which International Organisation suggests that the Indian job market is expected to witness a 22% churn over the next five years, with top emerging roles coming from AI, machine learning, and data segments?

(a) World Trade Organisation

(b) World Economic Forum

(c) World Bank

(d) International Monetary Fund

[ANS] b

Daily gk Quiz 24-25nov


[Q] Name the personality from India who was elected as the Vice-Chair of the UN Panel of External Auditors for 2024:

(a) Girish Chandra Murmu

(b) Seema Rao

(c) Punita Arora

(d) Madhuri Kanitar

[ANS] a


[Q] Novak Djokovic won his _________ Association of Tennis Professionals Finals title in 2023 :

(a) 5th

(b) 9th

(c) 6th

(d) 7th 

[ANS] d


[Q] Name the Tennis Player who has won the women’s singles title at the 2023 GNP Sequros women’s Tennis Association (WTA)title :

(a) Laura Siegemund

(b) Elena

(c) Maxi Verstappen

(d) Iga Swiatek

[ANS] d


[Q] In which city, all India Football Federation –International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) Talent Academy was inaugurated :

(a) Bhubaneshwar

(b) Mumbai

(c) Hydrabad

(d) Locknow

[ANS] a


[Q] What does the term “demographic dividend” refer to?

(a) Increased mortality rates

(b) A period of economic advantage

(c) Rising birth rates

(d) Population decline

[ANS] b


[Q] What is the name of the international agreement that India signed with NASA to partner with other nations on space exploration?

(a) Gaganyaan

(b) Chandrayaan

(c) Aditya-L1

(d) Artemis Accords

[ANS] b


[Q] Which government agency has approved the merger of IDFC and IDFC First Bank?

(a) Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

(b) Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

(c) National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)

(d) Competition Commission of India (CCI)

[ANS] d


[Q] What was India’s Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in 2022?

(a) 4.5 million

(b) 6.19 million

(c) 7.8 million

(d) 5.9 million

[ANS] b


[Q] The ____ edition of Indo-Nepal joint training exercise ‘surya Kiran’ between India and Nepal began at Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

(a) 5th

(b) 8th

(c) 10th

(d) 17th

[ANS] d


[Q] who has been named as the President –Elect of Fedration of Indian chambers of Commerce and Industry for 2023-24:

(a) Vanih Kolar

(b) Anish Shah

(c) Namita Thapar

(d) Radhika Agarwal

[ANS] b


[Q] In which state is the Indian Railways set to introduce its first hydrogen train, expected to start operating by March 2024?

(a) Gujarat

(b) Maharashtra

(c) Haryana

(d) Tamil Nadu

[ANS] c


[Q] What is the name of the new fellowship programme launched by the Government of India to connect the Indian STEMM diaspora with Indian institutions?






[ANS] b


[Q] How many essential minerals are identified in the first-ever report on “Critical Minerals for India” released by Shri Pralhad Joshi, the Union Minister of Mines?

(a) 10

(b) 20

(c) 30

(d) 40

[ANS] c


[Q] In the Times Higher Education (THE) Asia University Rankings 2023, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru, Karnataka, secured the 48th position overall, making it the highest-ranking Indian institution. Tsinghua University, the top-ranked university, is based in which country?

(a) India

(b) China

(c) Japan

(d) South Korea

[ANS] b


[Q] Which bank became the first Public Sector Bank (PSB) to introduce UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payments to merchants through the RuPay Credit Card in association with NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)?


(a) HDFC Bank

(b) State Bank of India (SBI)

(c) Canara Bank

(d) Axis Bank

[ANS] c


[Q] Which Indian company has been featured alongside the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) on the “TIME 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023” list under the ‘pioneer’ category?

(a) Flipkart

(b) Meesho

(c) Reliance Industries

(d) Paytm

[ANS] b


[Q] Who was presented with the Olympic Order by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach in an award ceremony held at the Olympic House in Lausanne, Switzerland?

(a) UN Secretary-General AntónioGuterres

(b) FIFA President – Gianni Infantino

(c) World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus

(d) Prime Minister of Switzerland – Alain Berset

[ANS] c


[Q] The 9th edition of National Level Pollution Response Exercise, ‘NATPOLREX-IX’ was conducted by Indian Coast Guard in ____:

(a) Karnataka

(b) Kerala

(c) Gujarat

(d) Telangana

[ANS] c


[Q] Which word has been selected as word of the year 2023 by the Merriam-Webster in November 2023:

(a) AI

(b) Authentic

(c) X

(d) Telan

[ANS] b


[Q] Which country has re-elected Andry Rajoelina as the President for 3rd Term:

(a) Colombia

(b) Madagascar

(c) Zambia

(d) Turkey

[ANS] b


[Q] Name the country’s tennis team that has won the Davis Cup 2023 by defeating Australia:

(a) Colombia

(b) France

(c) Zambia

(d) Italy

[ANS] d


[Q] Who among the following has won the 15th edition of the F1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix held in the United Arab Emirates in 2023

(a) Valtteri Bottas

(b) Sebastian Vettel

(c) Max Verstappen

(d) Lewis Hamilton

[ANS] c


[Q] Who authored the book, ‘Pranab, My Father :A daughter Remembers’ a biography of Pranab Mukherjee, Former(13th) President of India:

(a) Manoranjan Mishra

(b) sharmishtha Mukherjee

(c) Patan kamath

(d) Amnoj Kumar

[ANS] b


[Q] When was the First United Nations World Sustainable Transport Day observed across the globe:

(a) 3rd Nov 2023

(b) 26th  Nov 2023

(c) 4th  Nov 2023

(d) 22nd Nov 2023

[ANS] b


[Q] In August 2023, which central government scheme completed 9 years of its successful implementation?

(a) PMMY




[ANS] d


[Q] The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) circular titled ‘Operation of Pre-Sanctioned Credit Lines at Banks through UPI’ announced the inclusion of pre-sanctioned credit lines as funding accounts in the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).  The circular applies to _______.

Which among the following will fit into the blank?

(a) Payments Banks

(b) Regional Rural Banks

(c) Small Finance Banks

(d) Scheduled Commercial Banks

[ANS] d


[Q] A book titled ‘Pitchside: My Life in Indian Cricket’ is an autobiography of which Indian cricketer?

(a) DilipVengsarkar

(b) VikramRathour

(c) Venkatesh Prasad

(d) AmritMathur

[ANS] d


[Q] In September 2023, Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to receive its first C-295 transport aircraft which has a capacity of 9 tonnes and can carry up to 71 troops or 50 paratroopers. The Indian Air Force is receiving these aircraft from which Aerospace Company?

(a) BAE Systems

(b) Airbus

(c) Lockheed Martin

(d) Boeing

[ANS] b