Saturday, June 29, 2019


1.        How much percent of Indian children under five years will still be stunted by 2022 as per the report on Food & Nutrition Security (FNS) of India?
A) 32.7%
B) 31.4%
C) 33.5%
D) 39.5%
E) None of these

2.        Which Indian state has highest stunted children under 5 years of age as per the report on Food & Nutrition Security (FNS) by UN’s (United Nations) World Food Programme and Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation?
A) Bihar
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Jharkhand
D) Meghalaya
E) None of these

3.        Kalu police station was ranked as the India’s best police station, it is located in which state?
A) Dharwad district, Karnataka
B) Murshidabad district, West Bengal
C) Bikaner district, Rajasthan
D) Nicobar district, Andaman & Nicobar Islands
E) None of these

4.        Who chaired the expert committee formed by RBI to look into the measures for the economic and financial sustainability of the MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)?
A) G. N. Bajpai
B) C. B. Bhave
C) M. Damodaran
D) U K Sinha
E) None of these

5.        In order to decrease Non-Performing Assets(NPA), government used 4R strategy, what are all the 4R’s in the strategy ?
A) 4R- Recognition, Resolution, Recapitalisation and Reforms
B) 4R- Recognition, Reflation, Recapitalisation and Reforms
C) 4R- Recognition, Resolution, Regression and Reforms
D) 4R- Recognition, Reflation, Regression and Reforms
E) None of these

6.        Name the CEO of NITI Aayog whose tenure is extended by two years, up to June 30, 2021.
A) Amitabh Kant
B) Rajiv Kumar
C) Ajit Seth
D) Shashi Kant Sharma
E) None of these

7.        Amit Agarwal was appointed as the chairman to which entity ?
A) Confederation of Indian Industry(CII)
B) Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FICCI)
C) National Association of Software and Services Companies(NASSCOM)
D) Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)
E) None of these

8.        Which space agency, has discovered the high amounts of methane gas on Mars that indicates life on the red planet ?
A) European Space Agency(ESA)
B) Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO)
C) National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA)
D) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)
E) None of these

9.        Where was the BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) day 2019 held on 26th June?
A) Naypyitaw, Myanmar
B) Dhaka, Bangladesh
C) New Delhi, India
D) Bangkok, Thailand
E) None of these

10.    Who will be the new Chief of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG)?
A) Rajiv Jain
B) Arvind Kumar
C) Samant Kumar Goel
D) Krishnaswamy Natarajan
E) None of these

11.    Where is the new headquarters of International Olympic Committee (IOC) located?
A) Paris
B) Lausanne
C) Berlin
D) Rome
E) None of these

12.    Which country has been chosen to host the 2026 Olympic Winter Games?
A) France
B) Austria
C) Italy
D) Poland
E) None of these

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