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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Free GK Quiz 1 Based on IBPS Clerk Mains Booster

Free GK Quiz 1 Based on IBPS Clerk Mains Booster
In this article we are going to share FREE GK Quiz based on IBPS Clerk Main Booster. Those who reads our IBPS Clerk Mains booster carefully will easily solve these Gk questions
Before trying this Free GK Quiz, we personally Advise you to download the IBPS Clerk Mains booster and than read complete file very carefully. This file will surly helps you in solving these FREE GK Questions with ease. 
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1. Indian Prime Minister launched Campaign ‘Start-up India, Stand-up India’ on:
a.15 August                       
b. 5 September
c.  26 January                    
d. 2 October

2. Central Government set up National Investment and Infrastructure fund with Corpus of :
a.Rs. 1000 cr                      
b. Rs. 1500 cr
c.  Rs. 2000 cr                     
d. Rs 2500 cr

3. Which Scheme is launched by Central Government for the development of Gram Panchayats:
c. KALYAAN                       

4. India Signed a Land Border agreement 1974 with which country:
a. Nepal                                              
b. Sri Lanka
c. China                                               
d. Bangladesh

5. Name of the Operation launched by Railway Police to trace Missing and Destitute Children and Reunite them with Parents:
a. Operation Khushi       
b. Operation Khoj
c. Operation Muskan     
d. Operation Smile

6. According to Delhi High Court (Amendment)Bill, 2015, the pecuniary jurisdiction of district courts is increased to _________ from Rs. 20 lakh :
a. Rs. 2 cr                                            
b. Rs. 50 lakh
c.   Rs. 1 cr                                           
d. Rs. 75 lakh

7. What is meaning of ‘R’ in MGNREGA:
a. Regional                         
b. Rural
c.   Record                                          
d. Remove

8. Which Indian City became the first Indian City to be a member of ‘World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF)’ Council:
a. Goa 
b. Jaipur
c. Kochi                                
d. Kerala

9. Which state has announced to introduce Sanskrit as a mandatory subject in all Government schools of the state:
a. Rajasthan                      
b. Himachal Pradesh
c.  Haryana                         
d. Madhya Pradesh

10. Name of the web Portal launched by Indian Government for the benefit of students seeking Educational Loan:
a. www. Vidyalakshmi.co.in
b. www. Shikshadhan.co.in
c. www. Vidyadhan.com
d. www. lakshmi.co.in

11. Under ‘One Rank One Pension’ Scheme Launched by Indian Government , the Pension would be revised by every:
a. 10 years                          
b. 6 years
c.   4 years                                          
d. 5 years

12. Population of which Community has increased according to the Census on population of religious communities:
a. Sikh                                  
b. Hindu
c.    Muslim                                         
d. Christian

13. 10th World Hindi Conference held at:
a. Chandigarh                   
b. Bhopal
c. Jaipur                                               
d. Lucknow

14. Who won the U.N Champions of the Earth Award 2015:
a. Sheikh Hasina                              
b. Narendra Modi
c. Barack Obama                              
d. Richard Barnard

15. Meeting of like minded developing countries on Climate Change was held at:
b. Bhopal
c.  New Delhi                     
d. Lucknow

16. Who is the head of the committee constituted by Government on restructuring Water agencies:
a. Bikram Singh                
b. Mihir Shah
c. Vinod Kumar                
d. Lalit Kumar

17. Name of the Mobile App launched by Madhya Pradesh Government to provide various Services and teaching-related work to teacher in a simple and easy way is:
a. M-Sikhsha-Mitra        
b. M-Vidhya-Sahaj
c. K- Padha- Likha                            
d. L- Gourav-Sikha

18. How Much money will be spent on Integrated Power Development Scheme Launched by Indian P.M in Varanasi:
a. Rs. 33441 cr                   
b. Rs. 33500 cr
c. Rs. 35000 cr                   
d. Rs. 32612 cr

19. Government has decided to hike the Dearness Allowance (DA) to Central Government employees by which percent:
a. 5%                                    
b. 6%
c. 7%                                     
d. 9%

20. Government has decided to give 33% reservation to Women in :
a. Central Government Job
b. Army
c. Railway
d. Para-Military Forces

21. How many cities are declared by Indian Government to be developed as Smart Cities:
a. 90                                      
b. 100
c. 88                                      
d. 98

22. Which port is adjudged as the ‘Major Port of the 2014-15’:
a. Kochin Port                   
b. Kolkata Port
c. Goa Port                         
d. Bombay Port

23. The Union Government launched a telemedicine initiative ‘Sehat’ in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals to provide healthcare facilities to:
a. Rural areas                    
b. urban Areas
c.  Metropolitan                               
d. New Delhi

24. Who among the following is Law Minister of India 
a. C.V. Kamath                 
b. Vinod Kumar
c.   D.V. Sadananda Gowda         
d. Lalit Kumar

25. Name of the Scheme launched for online release of new LPG connections for the consumers:
a. Kalap                                               
b. Sahaj
c.  Sehat                                              
d. Viraj
26. Who is the chairman of Law Commission:
a. A.P. Shah                       
b. V.P. Ojha
c.  L.K.Sinha                       
d. G.K. Rana

27. To Provide all kind of assistance, medical help, counselling to women affected by Violence, a one-stop centre named ________ was inaugurated at Karnal:
a. Vijay                                
b. Sakti
c.  Sahaj                                               
d. Kalap

28. As per the Report published by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) , How many internet users are there in India:
a. 350 million                     
b. 250 million
c.  400 million                    
d. 200 million

29. Supreme Court declared National Judicial appointments commission unconstitutional,this is which amendment :
a. 99th                                 
b. 90th
c. 101th                                               
d. 87th

30. Who is the head of the committee constituted to revisit the civil services examination pattern:
a. K.P. Goyal                      
b. Vijay Gogia

c.  B.S. Baswan                 
d. R.K. Sharma
1) A
2) C
3) B
4) D
5) C
6) A
7) B
8) C
9) B
10) A
11) D
12) C
13) B
14) C
15) A
16) A
17) C
18) A
19) A
20) C
21) B
22) A
23) D
24) B
25) D
26) D
27) B
28) A
29) C
30) B



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