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Sunday, September 4, 2016



1. _________ is the rate of interest which is levied on Long-Term loans and Advances taken by commercial banks from RBI.
A. Fixed Interest Rate
B. Fixed Deposit
C. Bank Rate
D. Rates Repo Rate

2. _________ is the amount a commercial bank needs to maintain in the form of cash, or gold or government approved securities (Bonds) before providing credit to its customers.
C. Term Deposit Rate
D. Call Money

3.Those amounts due to vendors or suppliers that must be paid within one year is known as ___________?
A.  Accounts Payable
B. Creditor
C. Debtors
D. Current Assets

4. The _________ is the method countries use to monitor all international monetary transactions at a specific period of time.
 A. Import Export Balance
B. Balance of transaction
C. Balance of Payment
D. None of the Above

5.  _________ is a statement showing the assets and liabilities of a business at a certain date.
 A. Balance Sheet
B. Account Sheet
C. Accounts Receivable
D. Accounts Payable

6. A short-term loan that is used until a person or company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation is called as?
 A. Cash Credit
B. Term Loan
C. Letter of Credit
D. Bridge Loan

7. Money loaned by a bank or other institution which is repayable on demand is called as?
A. Demand Loan
B. Call Money
C. Cash Credit
D. Short Term Loan

8. _________ is the means by which a government adjusts its spending levels and tax rates to monitor and influence a nation's economy.
A.  Economic Policy
B. Monetary Policy
C. Long Term Planning
D. Fiscal Policy

9. When a customer uses banking channels to cover up his suspicious and unlawful financial activities, is called as _______?
 A. Black Money Transaction
B. Money Laundering
C. Hot Money Transaction
D. Money Transfer

10. National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) was setup in the year _________?
A. 1969
B. 1991
C. 1982 
D. 1948

Answer key

1.C, 2.B, 3.A, 4.C, 5.A, 6.D, 7.B, 8.D, 9.B, 10.C,


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